Changes and Gripes

Why re-texture the Argos Mariner Armor? Looked good before and now there is a uneven mesh behind the net texture. Did a SJW complain it was too revealing or something, who had not seen the Bejeweled Bikini, derketo religious armor or just being naked? Before this felt like a relatively immersive armor that was realistic for someone who spends a lot of time in the water. Now there is an ugly texture behind net that does not even fit the body correctly as skin shows through.

Whoever complained about the Argos Mariner, My grandfather was an amputee during WW2, its distressing to see amputated limbs whenever I skin someone, not to mention filling up weight in invent, when I usually don’t need bonemeal right now. Perhaps I should petition to get this changed on social distress issues or whatever they call it, on bigger grounds then why they changed mariner armor.

Not experienced the sorcery as I’m on PVE-C, but heard it broke PVP servers, rendering most legit above ground bases obsolete, as I predicted when they mentioned giant bat gliders, making fences redundant.

Some complain about black blood tools being useless. I could not care less as never used them. Im a pickaxe person, but anyway, authority has really crippled someone who does not spam beastial memory potions. Having to max authority just for convience sake really cripples pvp. Just let everyone run with 2 pets/thralls at no penalty, so you can remove the bestial memory spam. Before I never had any points in survival because I hated being one of those gimped farmers who spend all day mining for example.

Now i have to spam bestial memory during pvp time and run with one thrall. WTF is the point. Completly breaks immersion and obviously someone out to RPK is not going to be gimped by investing in authority.

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