Visually Broken DLC Armors

Just posting this on here in the hope someone at Funcom sees and pass it along to the proper parties.

Yamatai Warlord Chest: Plate texture completely different form other pieces in the set
2022-09-10 18_23_16-Conan_ Exiles
Poitain Footman Tasset: Textures are completely missing. causing the panels of the pants to be invisible.
2022-09-10 18_24_02-Conan_ Exiles

I understand this is not high priority, but these are items from DLCs and should be to the standard they are advertised. Have people run into any other DLC items that are visually broken?


I saw some textures missing in the warmakers sanctuary today. Maybe connected idk.

The fish net on the argossian light armor is messed up as well… on PlayStation anyway.

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Net from Argossian light armor is broken on PC too.

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