Yamatai Warlord Chestpiece Shaders

This has been a plagueing issue for a long time. The lighting on the yamatai warlord chest doesnt work right and is way too dark compared to the rest of the armor. PLEASE fix this.

I paid for the DLC purely and 100% for that specific armor. I assumed when the Sorcery update came out this would be fixed! Please have one of the devs take a few minutes of their time to fix this lighting shader issue. It maybe minor to funcom, but its a pretty big visual bug to every player who wants this armor!

Yeah, it’s horrible. But it’s been a bug for white a while now. I don’t think they put a whole lot of effort into fixing QoL issues though. I would t expect this to be fixed soon, if at all.

I mean i understand its minor QoL, but it ruins the entire set when you want it for the looks of it. I mean, thats the point of DLC cosmetic armors the appearance. I mean the 15pt Agility Perk messes up the walk animation, so i only take 14pts in agility. Honestly to me its form over function, with all these cool cosmetics and such whats the point in having them to feel like your character is cool when youre hit in the face with shaders or animation errors… mainly that never get fixed.

Funcom — would you please acknowledge this bug? A reply would be appreciated, and the issue being long-standing could it be moved higher in the bugfix queue?

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