Yamatai Armor Bug

So as the title says, since the 3.0 update has launched, almost all of my yamatai armor has become bugged and invisible.

The Yamatai warlord set in particular has only the helmet working properly, the chest piece’s mip-mapping is bugged and the other pieces are completely invisible.

I have been loving this game so far as a solo player. I do not rent any servers, i play on official solo. My wifi is great and I have come across virtually no other issues while playing this game. I bought the Seekers of the Dawn DLC because i love japanese culture.

Im very sad that this armor is now completely broken (before only the mip mapping on the chest piece was bugged, but now its just the helmet that’s left functioning properly).

I have no other complaints than this one particular bug, please fix!

Thank you for taking the time to listen, peace to you all.

Yamatai building is also doing it

Hello there everyone and welcome to our forums @Omniclectic!

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us!

We are aware of this situation occurring and we’re currently working on it.

You can find further information in this Twitter post.

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Please prioritize fixing the Yamatai Warlord chest piece shading bug. It’s a paid for DLC and lots of people including myself are annoyed because it’s ruins the armor itself. And as for many that Armor is the main reason we went out and purchased the DLC in the first place. Please get on with fixing this simple broken shader as it’s been two years since it’s initial break.

I agree with this completely. I was excited for this new patch because it said the visual armor assets would be fixed. Literally all of them are fixed (as far as I know), except for the Yamatai Warlord Chest Piece. Its shaders and mip mapping are all off. Please fix this, its been an ongoing issue and has yet to be properly addressed.

have you downloade the todays patch ??

Yes i have. It fixed the other pieces but the chest piece is still completely bugged. Not invisible, however the mip mapping and shading is awfully bugged.

I took some screenshots on youtube of what the Yamatai warlord chest piece is supposed to look like. I then took some pictures of my Yamatai Warlord set to compare.

These are the screenshots that I took from a showcase of the Seekers of Dawn armors on YouTube:

And now this is how it looks in my game currently, even after the patch today:

The most recent patch made the gauntlets, tasset, and boots working properly again, and the helmet has always been fine as far as I’m aware. However, the chest piece has obvious shading and mip-mapping issues. As I have much experience with personally modding on skyrim and other games, I can notice this issue very easily and I know it is not difficult to address this.

I spent some of my hard earned money on this DLC and I will still be more than content with what I’ve paid for, if this is properly addresed. Thank you for your time and patience, I am giving the same. I only ask that this is fixed properly and not ignored.

On a side note, the Yamatai Katanas (and normal katana) are still sheathing upside down, as you can see in the above pictures in my game. Please fix this as well.

Bump in hopes that they will prioritize this

Hello there everyone!

Thank you for your report and for the provided screenshots.

Regarding this situation, does this happen regardless of game mode? Have this been tested on an official server? If so, which server number?

@RitualGround - This issue has been around since last year and spans multiple platforms (PC, PS, XBox).

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