New Primitive and Primeval Armour Seam issue

Ok so the new primitive armour introduced in update 2.4 not sure if anybody else has noticed this but on the female character’s I’ve noticed their is a noticeable (for me anyway) seam in the skin between the torso and waist and other lower body armour’s and just the main body in general can this please get a fix. Yes i know its a small issue and their are much larger fish to fry But still.

And as for the Primeval armour chest can we please remove the rope that goes around the waist it would look better with out it or at the very least let us dye it like the rest of the armour.

If you believe this to be a bug you need to post in [PC] Updates and Bugs - Funcom Forums and don’t forget to include whether it is on server or single player as well as which mods, if any. The more details the better.

Ok thanks
Can i move this post there or do i need to make another one?

Just make a new one.

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