Neck seam on character and thralls

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

I have noticed since the last update that there is a line on my characters neck. The neck seam wasnt there before the latest update as far as I’m aware, but, I see It on all humans now, thrall or player


It is there on PC as well.

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Same here. It happens a couple minutes into playing the game for me. The neck seam is always there. Along with, big pixelated squares for puddles of blood and the NPCs or player bodies with no detail. It looks unfinished. I want to play the game without these issues. That would be LOVE.
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Do they (funcom) actually respond to these comments and/or issues?

From my experience, usually they do, but it’s been pretty bad recently… … they’re probably working on it though… hopefully

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Hey @montana1

We’re aware of similar issues although in this case it could point to a different problem. Could you share a picture or video of this texture problem in action so we can relay it to our team?
Thanks in advance.


Thank you for your response, tonight during y play session I will take a screenshot and see if I can share a video aswell, thank you again for your response!

I have pictures of the neck seam and blood issue. Hard to make a video of the crash though. But usually happens when the neck seam. I can’t send pictures on here because I just made this account.

Still going through it on my end.

At this point I don’t even want to play until this is fixed. The game isn’t fun when you have to worry about it crashing randomly and these CONSTANT glitches. Not even online. I’m playing singleplayerrr

Here are the photos, one is my own character wearing khari overseer and the thralls are wearing guardian, however, this appears even when naked, I also have 2 videos I will see if I can upload

EDIT: I was not able to upload the videos, any help on how to properly upload it would be appreciated, it shows me walking past the thralls with the neck seam eventually taking a thralls helmet of who has a neck seam.

Thanks for the images, they’ve been relayed to our team.
Regarding how to post a video, you can upload it to Youtube and paste the link as a response to this thread.

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Alright will do give me a moment, is there anything else I could do to provide more info? Thank you for your response =)

Possible breakthrough, or atleast I found out how to directly re enact the effect, apparently the detailed video I had didnt upload so I had to retake it.

when I loaded in it was barely noticeable(see photo) but switching my (only my chest piece NOT the thralls) chest piece caused the issue to reappear on both me, and all my thralls(see video)

I hope this helps


Thanks again for the additional information.

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