Neck Seam Visual Bug

I recently started a new character and noticed when starting my new game up a second time that my character has this incredibly noticeable and frustrating obvious line/seam that goes all the way around her neck. I’ve tried restarting the game even switching from co-op to offline but it doesn’t go away.
Things like this can really ruin a game for me especially a game that I really enjoy playing, I have no idea how to replicate this bug and I know this topic has been brought up before but I am now personally asking the devs to look into and fix this frustrating bug.

Hello @Ace298, thank you for bringing this issue up, we’ll be sure to poke the developers in its regard.

Thank you I appreciate the response, but I’m kinda skeptical because I’ve seen others bring up this very same bug from over 2 years ago. I’ve tried a number of fixes recommended by other players but nothing seems to have worked.

A person on Reddit suggested that it has something to do with changing the characters height in the creation screen, if this is the case would it be possible to add the ability to recreate our character (change certain features such as height) without the loss of our progress?.

Unfortunately, as the issue may also occur with default characters, recreating a character would not effectively fix or prevent it.

Ah ok that’s actually good to know because I was considering restarting so it’s good to know I won’t have to

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