Visual bug on character

This has been an issue since old days and so far I couldn’t find the root of this visual bug that makes a character’s (doesn’t matter if male or female) lips practically vanish.

In my example below I took a screenshot right after I sat down on the surgeon’s seat and another one after I switched my face and then went back to my original one. Without changing anything. No idea how to fix this. Any suggestions?^^

Please note that this does not only occur while on that chair or being in that instance. It is a persisting visual bug!

It’s the collar. A very few neck items (almost all of them being collars or chokers) tweak the bones in the model’s face.

If you wish to correct it after removing the collar, on male characters you can preview the lifesaver necklace. A PVP suit might work too. If you want to keep the collar, he’s stuck like that until and unless Funcom corrects it.

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A simple preview and even swap of the collar didn’t do the trick for me. I had to swap the neck item and reboot the game. But man, I really hope this small thingy gets a fix :confused: Thanks for your help!

Edit: Life saver did bring back the bones / facial structure, but not the lips. The PVP set brings back everything. Why exactly those things work, I can only speculate. But as long as it does, I’ll take whatever I can get.^^