Can you just fix the character clothing wind animations so they work on all sizes of thralls/characters plz?

this is a known issue for which there have been other threads. clothing animates with wind effects properly only on some characters/thralls. this was apparently due to the height of the thrall. please fix this so it works properly on all character models. it’s kinda trashy in a current gen game, ijs.


This is definitely one I would love to see fixed. My suspicion is that it may not be a simple thing - I’m guessing here, but CE is such a visually oriented game that I feel like they would’ve fixed this one long ago if it was a simple fix. My theory is that the code that’s causing the issues is maybe a very old part of the game (since the bug’s been unchanged for so long) and maybe attempts at changing it wind up breaking a bunch of other stuff? We can certainly keep hoping (and maybe this thread helps get it bumped up a priority list), but I suspect this one may be here to stay…

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