Wind mechanics do not work on character / thralls

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Performance
Region: EU

Wind Mechanics work on environment (eg: trees, flowers, flags) but not on character nor thralls. Hair and clothes are static and glued to the character. It used to work ok, but not sure what happened. Tried to log out and log in, change head gear and killing myself, nothing works.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @Mavelle, welcome to the community!

This is a known issue that is still being looked into that seems to come up with characters that have any height other than default, sometimes changing gear, getting repeatedly knocked down in combat or dying fixes it.

Do you recall any event that led to this issue, or did it simply occur upon starting your session?

No don’t recall anything at all. I was away from my singleplayer game a long time because I was playing in a server with my husband and when I came back it just was like that. I played like that for almost a week. Yesterday it did went back to normal, not sure why or what could have resulted in it, noticed it when I was building. But after I log out and log in, the issue was there again.

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Thank you for clarifying, we’ll register the occurrence together with the data provided.

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