Physics bug /stop working

Hello , the physics ( in solo player ) just stop working , no effect of wind or collision effect my hair and me clothes are just “stucks” they don’t move a inch , do you have the same issue ? If someone know how to fix this problem or if you know if they are working on it , it will be cool . Sry for my redaction i’m a french guy .

Same problem here. SP on testlive. Since last update physics doesn’t work at all (clothes, hair, boobs…). Bug seems to be related with updates. Physics works well when u start new game but crashes on the first update. Several discussions on Steam about that topic. U can search for titles:

“No clothing physics” and “Character physics stopped working”

It’s very annoying.

Indeed, evrything else was fixed, but the physics of the hair breaking kills the immersion…
In the end you may have to play with a bald character lol

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I noticed this as well so i started a new solo game and it fixes the issue however, it came back this time i noticed that it started at the same time i was able to play around with the dyes. changing the color on clothes has done something to the physics. also if i change gear on a thrall the gear just stretches rather than flows (derketo skirt)

Looks like the trigger for the break is the placement of wheels of pain.