Clothing And Hair Physics Bug Fix

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Platform: PC
Game mode:Private Testlive | Singleplayer
Version: 95349/17735
Problem: Bug / Misc

playing testlive single player and live single player
Start a new game and every thing works fine and as intended until you build a lesser wheel of pain and then log off (Quit Game).
When you log back in the problem starts? the hair and clothing physics only stop after equiping any clothing and the only solution i know of is

  1. Set player to not drop inventory upon death (found in server survival settings)
  2. kill your avatar (remove bracelet)
  3. Once you respawn destroy your body and then log off and log on (Quit Game )
  4. Hair and Clothing should fix after at least 2min maybe less untill you change or alter your clothes again.(just run around for a bit and select things )

All my Nvidia drivers are up to date.
No Mods are being used

The cause of this is BUG i’v discovered is The lesser and Greater Wheels of Pain the moment you place one say good by to clothing and Hair Pysics.
Tested with all Tier wheels of pain.

The Normal Wheel of pain works as inteded
Im Still Currently Testing

  1. place ether Lesser Wheel or greater Wheel of pain
    2.Quit game
    3.log on
  2. change boots or any armor slots
  3. All Physics go to hell

The physics can break even without placing any type of wheel of pain.

Here’s another thread on the subject.

The wheel may be one trigger to cause the bug but it’s not the only one.

There was another discussion regarding the physics breaking and it was discovered by logs that for if you change the chest size to anything but normal…the physics will wig out on any flowing armor, such as the Derkato skirt or just about any flowing armor waist. Apparently the logs stated that the physics could not be rendered due to not set up for anything BUT normal.

I’ve been testing it a lot since I read your comment in the other discussion. I can only reproduce the issue when I change the character size - changing the breast size doesn’t seem to matter.

yay small breasts thrive Yes as I mentioned with this play I did not change the size of the character but good to know it isn’t the breasts.

Yeah and it the issue is completely unrelated to building any structures, such as the wheel of pain. In a new world the physics broke instantly upon donning a hyena fur wrap, in several cases. But only in cases where body size was changed to be either larger or smaller than normal. I created about 15 worlds and saw these results every time. I even surrounded myself with all variations of the wheel of pain in an attempt to break the physics on worlds where the body size was unmodified, but had no success.

This has been reported previously. The devs are aware of it, but it’s a low-priority bug at the moment. Don’t expect a fix anytime soon, as there’s going to be larger fish to fry for awhile.

Understandable, I can deal with not changing the size for now, so when fixed I usually like a smaller version of my character.

Same here, I’ll just recreate a smaller character once resolved.
I expect modders will fix the issue if possible.

I’m the opposite. My avatar is a bit of a giantess. I tend to move her height slider so it’s just barely in the Large silhouette.

Drat how do you roof over the map room then?

Sorry the previous post was supposed to answer your post on the support beams. Now to the topic at hand…I like the thought of a small woman who kicks ■■■ and takes name, read Lara Croft here. Anyway how R you supposed to roof your map room?

Pillars and a weird design. I think that’s a different thread, though.

So i have to say, I have been playing this game since launch. this is unacceptable in a launched title. they want this to be a full launched game and charge nearly full price for this game? a bug this big and this game breaking as PHYSICS itself breaking is unacceptable.
The developers need to fix this bug immediately it is not at all an acceptable bug that can be shunted under the rug. FIX THIS NOW! no option. you want your game to be fully released and treated like a big boy game? you fix your bugs, especially one this big.
I have seen multiple posts of them basically saying “it’s not our fault we can’t fix it blah blah blah” that is the biggest load of crock i have heard.


Actually the physics bug can be totally avoided by simply NOT changing the default height of your character. You can change the chest size but DO NOT change the default height of your character. Whatever size is first generated for your character, keep it and you will NOT experience this bug ever. It is a work around until they figure out the fix for this but it works flawlessly. I am on PC SP PVP. Good luck

jump in water on the game and it fixs the problem sorry I mean dive in water and it should fix this I hope it helps plz leave me feed back

hmm…I have never thought of that, go swimming to fix the physics bug.

I may try it but not changing the size of your character at the very beginning is a better fix for me. I had a long conversation with a user here who had acatually researched the error log files for Nvidia and suffice it to say any size besides normal the physics did NOT register and hence the bug. I still get the bug on entertainer thralls when I dress them in Derketo priest outfit, so I just don’t dress them.