Hair Physics Disabling on Death or Equipping

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVP
Region: NA

Description: Hair physics stops working upon equipping or unequipping a head item or upon death/respawn.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Use a hairstyle with physics.
  2. Equip a head item, preferably one that should allow hair physics. (I am using the Exceptional Yamatai Demon Mask)
  3. Within a few seconds, hair physics should stop working.

For death:

  1. Use a hairstyle with physics
  2. Kill yourself by any means.
  3. Upon respawn, hair physics should stop working.

Hey @TimeGambit

Welcome to our community.
Our team is aware of similar issues with physics and they’re looking into them. Just in case, are you using any mods in your game?
Thanks for your feedback

Hi Ignasis,

Thanks for the reply! No mods are being used on this server.

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Thanks for the confirmation. We’ll send this information to our team :slight_smile:
We have this issue up in our Trello board for prioritization as well:

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What often create the physic issues, is when you alter the character or npc size.
Mostly physics (hair, clothes, etc.) are working fine, but if you alter the size, from default to x smaller/bigger, this may trigger some bugs, and no waving parts.

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Thanks for passing the info on, Ignasis.

Since I seem to have gotten access to posting links, here are some vids of it:

Hair Physics Disabled Upon Equipping Helm
Hair Physics Disabled Upon Unequipping Helm
Hair Physics Disabled Upon Death/Respawn

Clothing physics are also disabled as you suggested, as can be seen in the second video. I have also confirmed it does not need to be a head piece. Here is a vid of the physics being disabled upon equipping an item from a different slot:

Hair Physics Disabled Upon Equipping Foot Item

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I equip helmet and clothing/armours all the time, and this doesn’t trigger this bug. So this may be a part of it, but obviously not the full issue.

Would be great make similar tests with different games DB, chars, and different sizes.

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I logged in on my old server, had no issues with hair physics upon death or equipping/unequipping items. This server doesn’t have mods, either. Body dimensions are the same, hairstyle is the same, religion is the same, race is the same.

Then I logged into my single player campaign. No mods. Same body, same hairstyle, same religion and race. Physics did not work at all. That is…until I suicided and respawned at the desert.

I think I’ve narrowed it down! It’s location based. My base on my current server is nearby Sepermeru, so I spend all my time there. My single player campaign was also logged into Relicwatcher Rise nearby Sepermeru. My second server base was in the highlands, and spawning/equipping/unequipping in the highlands and Broken Highway were fine while the Sepermeru locations were not.

I think there’s something screwy about the Sepermeru region that’s causing the physics to be disabled when the character model is updated. Will keep testing.

Edit - Additional testing: Respawning at Broken Highway is not guaranteed to reset physics. Will sometimes not reset physics and will sometimes take a few seconds after spawning before resetting physics. Perhaps being close to a certain number of game objects might be disabling the physics…

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Short afros, dreadlocks, comb-overs, ponytails, Caesar-type hair-style, bowl-cut, curly hair, wavy hair, other long-hair options, mad-scientist hair, balding with hair on the middle-top region etc…

Mustaches, goatees, long beards that are shaped differently…

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I play on official and have same bug When i put head on and of or on dead. Some time dont work

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I believe you, really i do, just can’t replicate it at all.

I have diferent bases, around Sepermeru, this on servers, and on SP parties.
My feeling is, that there may be other factors making the physics stop to work. Maybe connection, maybe some lag, i don’t know.

I play now since very EA, and had myself only the physic issue:

  • on my character, when altered size, but not ever still
  • on npc, same, mostly npc shorter than usual

I use helmets, armours of all styles in my games as you may imagine, and change them lot to.
So where’s the difference ?
Config ? Maybe.

While i know this physic issue since i can remember nearly, and saw lot of posts about, i think still hard to track it down to only one origine. This may be for some, again not for all.

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I didn’t understand what you meant by changing the size until I read more threads about this. Yes, it seems the issue also has to do with your character’s body size being anything other than the default.

I did some more testing with this in mind and this is what I found:

(Server: PVP, Online, No mods, NA
Character: Female, Nordheimer, hairstyle 10th from left)

  • Physics can be reliably disabled in the northwest corner of the Unnamed City and within/nearby Sepermeru by equipping/unequipping gear. Tested body sizes: Minimum and maximum.
  • Default body size characters will reliably never experience physics being disabled, tested in the northwest corner of the Unnamed City and within/nearby Sepermeru.
  • As before, non-default body size characters will still have physics functional until an update to the character model is forced (through death or equipping/unequipping gear) in these locations.
  • Non-default body size characters can reliably have physics functional even after forcing an update to the character model in certain areas which have notably had a lack of other NPCs and lower number of surrounding game objects.

@Ignasi Since the issue can be bypassed entirely by being the default character size, I suggest starting looking there to find the answer to the bug.


Yes, is linked to character size.
Then different situations may or may not trigger the no physics bug.
It’s very old, and known since EA. The easiest workaround is not alter char size. But still… :wink:

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Sorta Linked.

On ps4. It comes down too a few things.

Anything other then default size is “part” of issue, And game has habit of turning of clothes (not hair or boobs) when games incurs memory issue, sandstorm, to much going on etc etc.
And it may turn back on after few mins. (even at default size)

Default size however, doesnt incur it randomly. I can change clothes on default and game doesnt care.
Not default size it’ll turn it off sometimes. Sometimes not.

In all my runs (ps4) even default size, it can turn it off.

Hair will usually turn off for me at 3-4 hour mark when you can tell games have issue keeping track of it all. (again, ps4)

I have yet to see boobs turn off. I’ve stood there, and watched derkito dress go cardboard, and my hair not flop about…but she still jiggles. giggty

Default, doesnt seem have random turn offs, but will will game is having trouble doing everything.


Yeah, so ava size here to, if altered the problems are showing up.

I don’t play ps4 or any other console, so i can’t tell for them, but experienced it still on pc to since EA.

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Thanks everybody for sending us all the info :slight_smile:
Our team is looking into it.

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