Hair Physics stop working

Whenever i equip gear or swap it, hair physics stop working all of a sudden. Relogging, dying, swapping more gear doesn’t work anymore. I have to shut down the game entirely and restart it, sometimes not even that does the trick.

That is an old bug. I have it too for several mounts now. No hair, no clothes physics! Really hope they fix it for launch! :frowning_face:

Yeah it happened to me before but never this bad. I was always able to fix it with a relog. The problem is that now it’s an “on and off” issue, sometimes it happens, sometimes it works…and i can’t find what triggers the return of the physics. I know they stop working when i equip gear, but i have no clue what returns them when they do.
We definitely need a fix for this.

Having the same issue. Can’t find what fixes it, and although putting on new armor pieces starts it it sometimes just decides to turn the physics off for no reason.
And it is very frequent.

PC-private hosted server.

Maybe try posting the bug in : [PC] Hotfix 19.04.2018
Anyway, I’ve also had this problem… and its already my 4th savefile. Anytime i swap armor the physics break only in the character

I have same trouble on hair and clothes. I observed no solution on SP at all. On private server problem seems fix when engage a fight with NPCs. When i disconnect and reload game, problem reappears again.

Passing what I think is a solution for the issue.
It will need a mod (CharEditLite) or a new game.
The direct thing is : The physics bug if your character is smaller or bigger than 50% (height slider)
So use the mod or make a new game with a character at the exact mid size
It is a workaround tho, because some thralls will bug because of the height.

The physics bug is caused by changing your character size. If you keep the original size of your character the bug will not show up. Nvidia doesn’t recognize any size but normal in the game for now.

Someone posted on Steam that they analized the log files and determined that the any size not normal is not recognized by the physics dynamics.

I have been told that this is indeed correct as the person who agreed with me tested it several times and every time the height size of the character was changed physics bug. Leave character normal size and no bug at all. You can change chest / breast size too and the problem will not appear.