Armor and Hair Physics Bug

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

Hi. I think that bug affects all Regions, Servers and Game modes. But it’s not critical. It’s just a visual bug.

Sometimes when changing armor indoors (e.g. in house, shelter), hair and armor loses it’s physical model behavior.

Can’t provide screenshots because I am new user and I don’t have permission to upload images or add links.

Steps to reproduce
1.Be happy and have hair/armor physics. (Happiness is not required)
2.Go inside a house or shelter.
3.Equip different armour which has similar physical behavior (in this example it was enough to change light Aquilonian leg armour to medium Aquilonian leg armour Not sure if similar physical behaviour is necessary. E.g. Skirt-like armour to Skirt-like armour.)
4.Hair and armour sticks to a character and doesn’t obey laws of physics anymore. :frowning:

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Hi there, it looks like this is a bug that Funcom is currently working on. Its marked for in development on the public Trello community board. Link below.


Fyi, it was caused by changing your character’s height during creation.
It kicks in when you place any wheel of pain and then change any piece of your character’s armor.

If you destroy your wheel(s) and reload, the bug will be gone until you place another wheel again.
At least in singleplayer. I’m not sure if other players’ wheels will affect your physics in multiplayer.


The wheel thing is funny, i must admit. Never tested it with the wheel.
But altering character size may trigger this bug sooner or later. If you stuck with a char at 50/50, mostly all is doing fine. But if you make char smaller/bigger, troubles may happen later.

Also in my experience some mods can trigger, even stop completely physics from working.
But mostly my physics are working fine if i respect the few things like size, and avoid the few mods i know triggering the bug for me.

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I’m on xbox so I don’t have mods available.

I did a lot of testing in singleplayer on a second account, trying to create a short character that wouldn’t be affected by this bug. Half of my thralls on my main have broken hair & clothes physics, and some of the non-affected ones are pretty short. I was hoping it might be the same bug and there would be a short height setting that wouldn’t cause the bug for player characters.

I created about a dozen characters of different heights so far. Every one got hit by the bug when I placed a wheel and removed a piece of clothing.

Character size is the cause, but the wheel/armor combo is definitely the trigger. You can reliably trigger it every time if your character isn’t default height, and you can fix it easily by removing your wheels and reloading after it happens.

It’s weird how the cause and trigger are connected.

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There may be several triggers, and you found one of it.
Maybe it’s similar from xbox to pc, again, not sure, when we see differences in bugs between singleplayer and servers, there can also be differences between plateformes i think.

But good found, hope they can fix it the futur. Let’s face it, it’s not a really game-breaking thing, just annoying when it happens, and if you like shorter or bigger chars.


Derketo armor has completely lost its physical model.

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