Character hair and armor animation bug

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [all]

Currently, the hair and armor animations (movement in the wind, while gaining momentum, etc.) are partly broken. Sometimes, the animation works, sometimes not. I can’t see what or how the problem is.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. paly
  2. edit: the bug occurs when you are a longer time in some menus.
  3. occurs especially when wearing the light dereko armor.
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I had the same problem, try NOT to alter your character’s height during the creation, if you leave it unchanged the hair/dress physics should not die at all

Too late. :wink: Sometimes it works without problems, sometimes not. Seems that this doesn’t depend on going to menus or something else. Its definately a bug.

As I said I never suffered from that problem (dying physics) again since I “learned” not to change height of character, if you notice some thralls too sometimes suffers from this bug: i bet my 2 cents that their random generation (?) alters their height. (once is created you cannot nullify it)

Anyway this could be totally wrong and I’m talking for nothing, but for what I experienced (since day one created… well… 70/75 different characters? ^^) the problem can be avoided in this way.
It remains that there should not be ANY problem of petrifiying physics (multi layered petrified skirts becomes very PS1 ^^)

I’ve tested it with a new character. Seems like you are right here. No more hair and clothing animation bugs if you don’t alter the height of the character. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I was pretty sure 'bout that but anyone who can add his/her experience can be useful!

Yes, that is true, although not affecting the character’s height will not stop breast physics from ceasing to work properly, eventually it just stops working after a while, unsure if penis physics are also affected in the same way.

I do not know, for what I saw until now (I didn’t have that bewbs physic until parity patch so, not a long experience in that) sometimes it stop working but then it also restart, no idea about the circumstances, but this “animation death” is only temporary and will restart after… after something happens.

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