Breast Animation still not working

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Australia]

[Free text] Hi Guys.
I reported this bug a few months back, but unfortunately it’s still happening. The breast animation of my female character stops working as soon as I equip any piece of clothing, climb something, or sprint. Can you please fix this.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Putting on any Armour or clothing.
  2. Breast animation only resets after death or game restart.

Ehr… I would not expect these minor issue to be solved ay time soon.
Do not misunderstand me, I wish it would too, but I still am waiting for the bug’s correction of the dying hair/clothes dying physic when you create a character with altered height since… ehm, day one?
There’s a long queue of issues that must be solved, just do not expect it to be fixed soon.

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Are you part of the Funcom admin?

Nope, I’m one of those players who’s reporting same bugs since day one (with no fixing).
As I said: do not expect some “minor” bugs to be corrected any soon, I wish it would but I think they have major issues to work on at the moment.

I appreciate the sentiment mate, but your contribution isn’t helpful. Just because your issues haven’t been solved, doesn’t mean that I should stop putting mine forward. I’ll take my answers from the Funcom staff, not from you.

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Hello @Deanomanz, this particular issue is currently registered in our database as we haven’t been able to reproduce it in recent builds.

Do you recall how old your current singleplayer save is and whether the issue has different reproducibility rates in areas with different amounts of NPCs?

Would you also be willing to provide a short video of the steps taken for it to occur on your end?

Hi Hugo.
My last save was just a couple of hours ago.
NPC’s have absolutely no impact on the bug. It happens right after character creation, and continues every time I log in, regardless of the environment.
I don’t understand what you mean by-" we haven’t been able to reproduce the issue."
Does that mean you can’t find the glitch on your PS4?

Yes, unfortunately, that’s the case and, in most cases, we do need to have the issue reproduced on our end in order to be able to escalate it.

Regarding gameplay recording, you may do so through your PS4, more information here.

You may share the resulting video privately with us through a direct message ( simply click on my forum name and the blue message button ).

This bug occurs when the player character’s height is adjusted from the default (50%) setting. It impacts hair and clothing physics, as well. It has been reported since the days of early access.

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So I keep hearing.
But I kept my character the same height, (didn’t even change the face, or any body details), and the issue was still there.
But if @Hugo is saying that the issue doesn’t show up on his end, then I’m fighting a losing battle.
Time to call it quits.
It was a good game.

And actually, after reading some of the many bug reports on this forum, I have to say that I don’t feel confident that anything will get resolved anytime soon.
I’m emailing my mates right after this, and deleting Conan from my console.
We’ll find something else to play.
Thanks everyone.
Happy gaming.

if you are in an area with several large building structures, many thralls, banners, etc. this can also trigger physics issues. The physics system goes into overload and just stops.

As I initially told you, we (the players) and they (the devs) are aware of these recurring glitches and mine was no provocation or pun intended, simply a fact that these kind of errors are still there from D1 ad already have been reported multiple (ohh geez MULTIPLE) times.
I totally understand the sense of sloppyness you may find but… well somehow it’s there but, game can be played and enjoyed anyway (and I speak from the D1 70 euros customer’s perspective: believe me I’have been REEEAALY angry about that and somehow I still am), but CE has some good vibe even with all the glitches, half-baked product that it is.
Give it a try and let go the frustration for these bad features: community is good and there is always something new on the radar (even for free).
Yes there are always new glitches to add on to the old ones (the frustration is always there ^^) but, once you get used to it, you can handle…
Until a new fallout/other open world game will come out (NO: F76 it’s not a game is a scam on multi level) CE is still funny to play.

@Atali I’m not so sure that breast’s and Hair/clothes’ dying physics are tied to each other: my bewbs glitch always occur after simple actions (climb) even in plain area (starting one as to speak), while the hair/Clothes does not show up if I do not alter the character’s height (I’m an offline player).
So while one bug always occur (breast) the other one never occur (if height remains unaltered of course) so I do not think they are related.
Breast dies in simpel areas with no havey rendering work, while clothes lives on even under medium pressure circumstances… I can’t speak about heavy circumstances 'cause my entire game freezes , stutter and lags where too may lightpoints are there.


Ps4 private gportal server. I have 2 Avatars on my server the female didn’t change height. About 7/8 ths on breast. They bounce. Might stop occasionally have not noticed when I pull armor they bounce

Well…geez man.
You make a good point.
I do appreciate that kind of honesty.
I can’t fault someone that takes the time to write a response like that.
I won’t delete the game, but I won’t be playing it for a while either. Not until some of these serious bugs get sorted.
But thanks @Tselem.
Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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Well spoken Tselem.

You’ve very much summed up my feelings as well.

@Deanomanz and @The_Hundeprest fellas, somehow I’m only trying to prevent you from trying to cross the ghost fence and leave the exiles land! I stop playing from time to time but in the end I always come back to try some new feature or dungeons.
The idea behind Conan Exiles is pretty fascinating and well done artistically speaking, technically well… let’s say the level is not a AAA level (just imagine a n Horizon Zero Dawn level of of environment realism…) but well it’s like some kind of hardcore metal band: not “so great” level of production but very good songs; Conan Exiles is the same: maybe you will skip it to listen to sumthang new band around but, in the end, sooner or later you will return listening to those songs that were viscerally good, even recorded in a 20 cents studio ^^

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Logged in last night hair armor and breasts all flowing waving and bouncing. Ran a bit climbed building all good yeah. Not sure when but all three stopped. I will be back to the game again tonight.