Clothing / Hair Physics still bugged - 11/2020

Game mode: [Single-player]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [Local]

Cloths / Hair Physics still break on your character and stick to you character model like glued on.
This bug exists since the EA of the base game 3 Years ago, and whatever i try, nothing fixes it

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Equip any armor with physic-stuff (like Derketo-altar outfit / Vanilla Light Armor )
  2. ?? (death did it the last few times for me - doing nothing seems to trigger that as well)
  3. Clothes / Hair stopped working

Steps taken to try to fix it (without success)

  1. Un- & Re-equiping Armor
  2. Disable & Re-Enable cloths physics via console ( “p.clothphysics [Value]” )
  3. Teleporting around the map as Admin
  4. Death & Respawn
  5. Quitting to main menu and reloading
  6. Closing game and restarting
  7. Increasing “MaxClothSimuatingActors” in DefaultGame.ini

Computer Specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7-6850K (Broadwell-E, R0)
3600 MHz (36.00x100.0) @ 3799 MHz (38.00x100.0)
Motherboard: ASUS X99-A II
BIOS: 1401, 11/08/2016
Memory: 32768 MBytes @ 1333 MHz, 16-18-18-36
- 4x 8192 MB PC17000 DDR4 SDRAM - Corsair CM4X8GE2666C16K4
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition (PG413)
Graphics: EVGA GTX 1080 Founders Edition
All Drivers & Windows up-to-date

Well, the answer to your problem is simple, its even known since early access what the problem is. Your char is to tall. Adjust your char to a normal hight and you will see that the cloth physics will work on your char. The cloth physics start to bug out and become static, if your char is to tall and that for needs to get stretched to much. Toy around with your chars hight…till your cloth physics work and you will see. Same counts for the hair physics.

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#8 Wait for it to kick in. It can take abit sometimes depending on how full memory is, or how much is around you.

In general logging out next to your base and back in… its not something high on start list.

Admin teleport use to work… you often have to teleport somewhere with no player objects and wait abit. On ps4, it takes 3-10mins to kick back in.

Changing clothes, after few update back… doesnt do much.

I can’t speak for console codes, we dont got those on consoles. =/

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Ever since I heard it was a height issue I have left my female characters at default height and have had no problem neither has my wife. We are on ps4. Hair and clothes fly in the sandstorm passing through our base. LOL.

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Argh. This needs to be fixed. I want my old face back. My old um, cup size back. My old height back.

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Even if this issue is know to be related to character height for 3 years now, it is no excuse to not being fixed for a game I spent around 150EUR on.

And a workaround is just that - just a way to work around a known issue.

I do know that its not a high priority gamebreaking bug, but it is something that should be fixed


They’ve adjusted it, its not as bad as before were it would turn off, and stay off. Its working alot better on consoles now then it was before. Can’t really speak for pc side…

Screenshot 2020-11-06 205924
vs reality (its easier to see with a spear due to the stance)

The moderators used to comment about relaying information about it to their team. Now they just ignore it. Problem has been going on for years and it’s sad. Getting tired of paying for broken reskins.

Would be really nice to get some kind of feedback -
would’ve been even cooler if it had been included in the patchnotes a few minutes ago

Honestly we may have more important bugs that should be fixed… Like really, who cares about that FOR NOW? There’s invisible sandstorms killing new players and many times causing them to drop game and refund, there’s problems with undermesh, there’s performance problems on consoles… I THINK THAT CAN WAIT LOL

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I get if it breaks with modded size ranges but it also breaks with the vanilla ranges that funcom have us for our characters even worse is most their DLC is purely cosmetic so it also affects that xD

I don’t disagree though, you forgot some things though like the broken dungeon bosses, mobs walking into walls, mobs standing there doing nothing, mobs losing aggro and walking away from you, the purge bar not filling, the purge bar filling but not activating, the purge only giving one round, the purge spawning in your base even though you built on flat land so they don’t do that then watch as they swing and hit every decoration you spent hours placing, The current stability issues of buildings, mobs teleporting off to 0, 0 on high populated servers among many many many other things and every update brings us even more “features” to find workarounds for xD That’s just PC though I know xbox & playstation have their own set of issues too :slight_smile:

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True, but that doesn’t mean one can not report issues with the game, also, it may not be important to you, but many people find it annoying.
It may also be something that could be fixed by another team, so they could fix this among other bugs in the game.
At the end it’s not us, the players, who decide what bugs can and must be fixed sooner than later, we can only report them and give feedback, and no, asking to hurry up is not helping either :^)

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I’ve never said it’s a top priority bug
But I think a bug that is present for 4 years now should get at least some attention recognition

I payed for this game as well, so, whats the difference ?

I’ve got around the same, $160US, in the game, and after about 2 years, approaching 10K hours.

It’s a lot of money to a lot of folks (me included), but I have to do the math. Realizing that I’m a big fan of both Netflix and CE…
160/10K = $0.015 per hour, 1.5 cents per hour for the game.
Netflix costs me $12.99 a month.

To me, it’s a helluva bargain, but that’s not the reason most of the bugs don’t bother me, it’s because it’s fun.

Anyone can do their own math and come up with a different number based on how many hours they enjoyed. It’s also the reason that what someone paid for the game doesn’t sway me at all. While your number differs from everyone elses, if the bug bothers you that much, I’m glad you posted it.

Everyone paid for the game, even those who can’t log on, die from sandstorms, get hit by someone who exploits, etc. The capital outlay is irrelevant.



@nobodx I’d also love to see a fix to this one - obviously it’s not a priority compared to game-breaking stuff, but it would still be nice. That said, I suspect it may be something that’s so ‘deep’ in the old game code that it may be somehow too hard to fix without breaking a bunch of other stuff - that’s my guess anyway, but we can still hope (and ask) for a fix.

In the meantime - since you’re on singleplayer - there is a (semi-satisfactory) workaround using either Fashionist or CharEditLite. Both are cosmetic mods, with no in game impact, so should be no worries there (and most of the features in Fashionist can be easily turned off if you don’t want them). Both mods allow the creation of a ‘magic mirror’ and ‘shards’ that allow changing details of character appearance and also thrall appearance. This can therefore be used to set height to ‘normal’ (50%) for any character or thrall that has this armor bug issue (since it only affects some armors, you can still have height variation among your followers, just not the ones wearing ‘buggable’ gear). Not the ideal solution by any means, but at least it seems to work…

(If you get stuck on how to use the mod, give me a shout and I’ll try to guide you through it :slight_smile: )


You are right but You also forgat that with that fun also comes FRUSTRATION when facing crashes / bugs / exploiters, etc.

Well funny you say that , Funcom seems to think that Frustration just means you are playing the game.

You make it sound like it hasnt been touched on… it has. It works alot better then it use to. =/

Only fix is to not mess with height slider. I’ll always go short. XD
Which stops alot of it. But it also seems to be one of 1st things game turns off to save up memory. (itlest on consoles)

One of my larger bases, it’ll turn off going near it and pretty much stay off inless I’m at end of base facing away. =/

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Those hours! =O

It is alot of money for most people, I have only spent that kind of money on one other game. I have played since Nov 2018 and I do enjoy Conan, but! That doesnt mean me or other people cant get frustrated when almost every feature in game currently has a bug that comes with it and because many never get fixed (most bugs from 2018 are still around, in fact I think some stuff has actually gotten worse >.>) our only choice is to do workarounds.

I play to have fun and chill (pve player) not to spend my time using mods and pippi to fix broken stuff in game, it shouldnt be up to me as a player or a server admin or even the modders (cos invisible sandstorms has already been fixed by modder) to do that, thats on Funcom yet I see posts like the recent invisible sandstorm one where Ignasias’s reply was a copy and paste reply from other threads that I have seen so many times saying “We’re aware of this issue and our team is looking into it.” for how long? A year? Two? three? since release?

I dont disagree with Kecepek that there is definately more important bugs that NEED to be fixed and ASAP but I am glad the OP posted this bug and it should be fixed oneday. Imagine being a brand new player to CE, making your character shorter or larger getting in game, play a bit then all of sudden the hair and clothing physics stop working… It is not a good look for CE…

I dont like it either, I was given the option by Funcom to make my character shorter so I do everytime, and everytime I get this bug xD It has never worked any better on PC since I have played but I stopped playing when the FLS update dropped and didnt get back into it until about 3 weeks - month ago so maybe I missed when it worked betterers xD