(PC) Broken hair/armor physics

Platform: PC
Game mode: Singleplayer
Version: All versions as far as I know.
Problem: Bug

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I bought Conan exiles shortly after it’s launch and over the course of it’s development had three or four worlds all in singleplayer and every single time at some point my hair and armor physics have broken and become static. The most recent time however I took notice of when they broke and what seemed to break them. I was wearing all of the basic set of darfari armor except the helmet which was a kambujan Shaman Helm. Everything worked fine until I upgraded the helmet with an armor reduction kit. After putting the upgraded helmet back on the physics of my hair and armor broke. I removed the helmet and reloaded my world to try and fix it. A few seconds after loading in my hair was still static but went back to normal so I tried putting on the helmet again to see if it was okay which broke my hair and armor physics again permanently that time.

Repro steps:

  1. Get a Kambujan Shaman Helm.
  2. Use an Armor Reduction Kit on the helmet.
  3. Wear the helmet.

I’ve noticed the physics break on all armor that has parts that flap in the wind.

They break seemingly random and get fixed seemingly random as I travel the world.
Sometimes switching any piece of gear out will break it. Sometimes doing that will fix it.
Also moving into certain areas of the world will fix it. There’s a hill near my house that I can climb that will temporarily fix the physics 100% of the time.

It’s unrelated to your upgrade of that helmet.

Could you post a screenshot of where this hill is? I have around 8 savefiles I’ve tested with, modded and unmodded, and they break usually after I set a wheel of pain and/or swap armors.

Here you go. I included an instance of when a sandstorm kicked up and free’d my bits to flap in the gentle breeze, as well.

I very much appreciate any help on how I can fix the physics after they break. And yes I am aware they break seemingly randomly and sometimes get fixed just as randomly as well. I just thought I’d make a post about what seemed to break them in my latest world in the hopes of doing my part in helping this long standing glitch get fixed permanently.

Seems like anything that causes some sort of update can either break/fix the physics. Such as moving between chunks or changing gear.

I remember reading that there was a mod out that resolved this issue. I don’t know which mod it was though or if it has been updated recently.

Passing what I think is a solution for the issue. I was able to salvage my old save with this.
It will need a mod (CharEditLite) or a new game.
The direct thing is : The physics bug if your character is smaller or bigger than 50% (height slider)
So use the mod or make a new game with a character at the exact mid size
It is a workaround tho, because some thralls will bug because of the height.

Actually I found out that the physics bug is related to the SIZE of your character. If you change the default size at all, that physics bug will show up. Solution right now is to NOT change the size, height of your character. Just keep what the game gives you when you first create your character. This was tested very thoroughly by someone in another post where I left this note and he agreed with me that the bug is because Nvidia Physics doesn’t recognize any size but normal in the game for now. Devs know about this but it is not a high priority. Since I have NOT changed the size of my character on SP PVP, the bug has NOT shown up for me at all. However I like to play smaller characters and every time that I reduced my height, the bug would show up, then disappear, then appear again. Don’t change the size of character, oh PC version.

Yep. Still working here too. It’s so nice having my skirt physics back. It’s completely worth rolling a new character for.

You betch…Thanks for your confirmation on this bug ExNihiloish…I had forgotten whom tested it…Thanks bunches.

Hey, so when you say don’t change the height and size you’re saying don’t change the muscle tone and endowment as well, or just the height?

Yes, just don’t change the height of the character, all other physical attributes can be changed without this bug showing up. It is a minor change of play tactics on the individual play style. It has been tested by at least a dozen other players on SP, not sure of dedicated servers though, I don’t play on them. I did notice recently that some of the entertainer thralls get the physics bug when I dress them in any skirt. The Derketo skirt is the most visually noticeable, but you can’t change the spawned NPC sizes. Let me know if you still get the bug on your next play through without changing the height of your character. It would be nice to confirm what I said again.

I’ve found it tends to break more often when around player placed objects, especially when around many other items that also have cloth physics, when you move firther away from the area all of that is in it will typically correct itself. I never really saw it as a bug, I always figured it was more of an optimization thing.

I have never had it happen if I do not change the default size height of your character when first starting a new game. I play on SP PC and it ALWAYS happened sooner or later if I changed the “normal” height of the character first generated. I am the only one on the server and if I changed the height of the character it would happen eventually and anywhere not just around my base. When I stopped adjusting the height of my character IT NEVER HAPPENS EVER…to my character, but a thrall or two will have it happen.