Broken chracter physics. Still not fixed

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Game mode: Private Pvp Server
Problem: Bug

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Character’s hair physics stop working completely whenever i unequip/swap a piece of gear, any piece of gear. Male character.

Hey Ebonviper.
After extensive testing I found that these physics issues only appear if you adjust the size of your character.

A temporary workaround would be to roll a new character and leave them at the default size. (That’s what I did)

Ouch…that’s a nasty solution!
Thanks for the help tho, i hope Funcom fixes it soon…It’s a longstanding problem.

As do I!
No problem. Having to remake your character to get around a bug kind of sucks.

ExNihiloish …Do you think this is a Nvidia bug or Conan Exiles bug? Any other game that you played that had changeable characters with physics bug that you know of? Just wondering.

Probably Conan. I’ve played several hundreds games on this PC, including others with clothing physics where the character’s size was adjustable yet I never saw this issue before.

I thought as much, I don’t have many games that allow for character size changes. Tomb Raider & Assassin Creed, Splinter Cell don’t so I was just wondering.

I’ve played a lot of MMOs that allow it. As well as many other games with custom character creation. This is the first time the issue has appeared.

Then it is Conan Exile specific…Good to know that Nvidia is still a great video card.