More Physics Information

I just wanted to touch on the hair and armor physics not working for heights other than default height.

  • It’s not connected to the wheel of pain for our server. You start and your hair and loincloth are already stiff.
    *The physics still show in the character inventory menu. They even show in character creation but they do not show as you are playing the game with a created character.
    *Sometimes they start working again if you haven’t taken off your armor and have been on the server for awhile. SOMETIMES.
    *There is a fix with a mod, you can make your character default height or you can fiddle with the settings by saving shards for your character at 50% and your intended height. Using the 50%, taking off your boots, using the second intended height, and then putting on your boots? I believe that was the order. It’s not a permanent fix because it breaks again if you mess with your armor.
    *Thralls that are shorter and taller than default have physics but they they no longer work after you break them.

I just wanted to get more details to the team because this issue has been bothering me for awhile and I see that it has also been bothering others. Trello has been showing as in development for over a year and it’s just immersion breaking. The clothes turn into blocks that hang on to your legs and it’s frustrating when it comes to armors with tassels and skirts. I have been bald for a looonggg time.

Thanks for taking the time to read the post. Feel free to add more observations on this topic.

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