Character physics turning off after every single update


I have this weird issue in co-op/singleplayer, where everytime the game updates, my character’s hair and clothes lose their physics.

I play on testlive build, singleplayer, decadent difficulty without admin commands.
Physics work okay when I create a new game. After the update (two days ago for example) none of the characters physics work. It works for thralls.

I know it’s rare, since only a handful of people were reporting this on steam forums.

Things I tried:
Console command to turn off clothes physics and turn it on again - didn’t work
A whole range of video settings - none worked.
Resetting settings to default (also by removing the file from conansandbox/saved)
Newly created characters have physics working flawless.
Creating a new character, then copying save from the old one does not bring the physics back to the old save.

From what I can establish it is related to something happening in the save file during update. I doubt it’s hardware related or OS related since on the steam forums people had completely different rigs and the problem occured for them.

I don’t want to start over after every update, especially when this will probably last even after release, so please maybe give me a solution? I can post my save file when I get back home for you to see.

Same thing is happening to me. I will be able to play for what seems like a couple of hours, and then suddenly the hair and cloth physics will just stop.
I’ve also tried everything that the original poster mentioned.
Can someone at least address it as a known issue?

Im having the same prob. Changing the settings used 2 work, now the dont anymore. all character physics are static… playing on i7 gtx 1070, newest drivers…

Based on what I’ve read, its something in your game save. Skimming through the steam forums, people have said that once it ‘breaks’ they have to blow away their savegame and start over again in order to get the hair and cloth physics to start up again.

There is a possible solution, but it won’t fix your current save.

  1. You have to start a new save
  2. When creating a character, you have to leave the height slider at default, and endowement/breast size sliders at default or decrease them. Afaik increasing them will cause your physics to break at some point.

I have started a new save, left the height untouched, decreased breast size, and it did not break since. It has been more than a month with that save, so I suppose it works now. It might be related to mass associated with physics? I have no idea.

tl;dr mingling with sliders and getting them too high breaks game physics permanently after some time.