EXTREMELY annoying clothing/hair bug (Most prominent with Derketo Acolyte Skirt)

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Region: [America]

Hello Ive run into a very frustrating bug. I recently found out that if you modify your character height from the default that it can cause the physics to break on hair and clothing. I crafted the derketo acolyte skirt and noticed that instead of being free flowing it stuck to my character like it was painted on! Soon after I also realized the hair was also broken and wouldn’t react to movement.

I tried creating a test character on another server with the default height and it didn’t seem to have the same problem. Is there any way to correct this issue other than deleting my character and starting again? Loving this game so far it would just really suck to have to throw away all that time and effort because of a bug caused by adjusting character height slightly! (height was not greatly modified during creation, only an increase from default to 60%)

Someone please help!

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Change characters height above/below the default during creation
  2. Move around
    3.Observe that clothing/hair that is supposed to have full physics suddenly sticks to body like bodypaint
    4.Problem does not go away, even after death/reload/log out etc

Very old bug that has been named many times.
If you alter your character’s height ALL your physics (other clothes too, not only derketo’s, lose their animation and hair too). Even thrall 's animation dies if you put on them “clothes”, not all… maybe some of 'em are randomly generated and “auto-alter” their height so they fall in the trick, I do not know).
So, as already you noticed, do NOT alter your height in any way to prevent these animations from “death”.
There is no way to regain “normality” in an height’s altered character (yet?).

Honestly it has been reported so many times that should have been fixed already (there is a dead jiggling in female’s breast physics still unknown to solution), but at the moment they know it, and you know how to avoid it.

As discussed in many other threads.

Its reason for turning off vary. default size or not.

To much going on? it’ll turn off.
Climbing? Certain times it’ll snap off and on.
Changing Clothes, sometimes it does, other times it does not.
Logging into game near large base, it’ll start off and turn on at later moment.
Playing a length of game time, will often turn it off and it wont turn back on till you relog.

Most of time, it’ll pop back on after sometime, sometimes it wont. (often will after a teleport)

Hair is often turned off to, but not as often. breasts, rarely turn off for me in my testing, even during climbing. Its fairly rare.

I suggest teleporting, if admin. (or via map table), Enter thru loading screen (dregs, black keep) Or logging out away from your base. (single player anyway) 1.36 or 1.38 (I forget) changed how it loads it seems. As before I could log out and back in to fix it 100% of time till one of last patches. Now It seem I must be far away from my base.

Even default size can incur this, thou its mostly prone to it after long play periods and when game is having issues keeping up.

I suggest not switching outfits when it happens, and just let game catch up and fix itself.

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No teleporting or reloading/changing “map” ever helped me in this, and default size never make my character’s physics die (breast excluded) and trust me…
I played a lot since day one and created a grotesque amount of characters until now (still playing… simply I gte bored after reaching level 60 and I restart ^^) and I never suffered death of physics after the “size hint”.

Some thralls still suffering that indeed, they are normally animated but when I dress some part of their outfit (mostly torso) their cloth/hair physics die (until reloggin yes), but my personal “windy animation” never suffered that issue again.

I have to sat that I only play solo offline campaign, and so I’m not aware if in the online game there are different issues or solutions.

It happened to me single player the clothes are dead for me. This should been fixed b4 dlc

Old issue indeed, and yes you are right.
But at the moment there is no solution to this, only re-start with a new un-altered character.
Come down cold but… this is it.

Ig ur right. I just dont feel like starting over when i took time to make bases. Bases that takes days sometimes. And the clothing never fixes itself. Bet yea, ur right.

As i mention in other thread and ones before (maybe before) Large base and alot going on turn it off, I’ve had it turn off for hours. Logging out and back in near my base and it starts “off”

But often turns back on in short moment. Log out away from your base, (beyond seeing it, or anyone elses) and load it back up. Most cases this has worked for me.

what is a “large base” anyway?
I never built a massive empire: I always preferred weird constructions on a cliffside, or a burrow or something similar so I never experienced dying character’s physiscs due to large bases or built environment…
I would like to understand what’s the limit before everything facks out ^^

On ps4 anyway, depends on location. And land claim radius.

I have land claim set to .33 (so stuff within 3 foundations goes poof. This lets me keep tree and stuff near by. So its not barren waste land around my home/bases.

i get abit of push back when turn camera around in forests. I think I have about 9x6 connected by 3x4 patio of blackice… workshop is 12x6, about 3x10 blank behind that, with pet pen, There a small 3x4 shed on water for press/fishing/campfire/compost. Off to side is a 8x8 for map room and 7x8 for altar. Most are 1-2 stories tall on edges and 3-4 in middle. (singpleplayer anyway)

Items all over places, carpets, thralls in stations and guarding. I would say last count about 11 archers and 6 fighter thralls on edges, and 5 fighter inside.

Its not biggest base i’ve built, but its to point of 20fps trying run thru it, and turning camera to quickly can cause game to pause.

If I take my teapots, carpets and tables, chairs, cups and ivory stuff off shelves, and all weapon racks down. I can go much bigger.

Online, we’ve made 75x 100 floor plans with walls everywhere for personal raid caves/dungeons were a admin is in rafter as a DM spawning stuff. You can get fairly crazy.

If I log out near my main base, and back in my clothes are turned off. but have always turned on few mins later.

If log out and in near my greater wheel pain “slave outpost” which is about 8x10 3 stories tall base that houses few thralls, fridges, 2-3 crafting benches. (with 2nd and 3rd floor and guard towers) No issues. For me anyway.

Uhm interesting analysis (I keep my ratio land reclaim at minimum: same reason as you and lazyness : keeping enemies closer makes it faster to grab them ^^)
I usually have bases similar to your (in dimension) nad maybe this could be the base issue of all: currently just now (and I mean NOW) I 'm crashed after turning camera too fast but I was looking at a thrall (Danyo the seducer) that was “animated” when got caught and now is stuck into usual dead physic.
But I didn’t build so much after I got him, just the roof on a 3x3 standard hut with wood roof, so we shoudl (or at least , Devs should) find “the limit” of building session.
I do not mean to reduce it and give it limits (e.g. as it was on fallout 4 ) but we should know the maximum “volume” fo stuff before the game starts to… well die.

I agree, Fo4 limit on ps4 was fairly low, Mods and weapon drop glitch allowed you drop and go past it, And you can go pretty far past what they set with no issues.

OCDecorator was one of those awesome mods, but you realized how RP objects effected memory so quickly. XD

CE pretty much lets you go nutts, and you don’t realize you messed up till you start turning camera and it starts acting weird, or your start blue screening in your base.

How I build my bases now, is basically way to many restarts and fails, and thats about “safe zone” I figured out.
Most of Dungeons we made on Private server were huge, but lack alot of lighting and placeables. So most of them weren’t to bad.

The T-rex and Brontosaur I was making for fun (and then buildng content) pushed limits were i was blue screening fairly often past hips and arms going up. XD

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Damn I still play F4 today (moddedo fo course, even if on Ps4 we are very limited) , but the mod-community granted the game at least 2or 3 more years of life…
Would like to have sumthang like that also in CE, but I suppose we will never have those options.

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