Derketo skirt issue

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: Oceana

The tassles on the derketo acolyte skirt are bugged out and move in one big strechy mesh for some reason

Steps on how to reproduce issue: on U or thrall
2. Watch as it stretches with leg movement
3. Feel sad that dancers thralls look horrid with it now
4. Make them dance bottomless till fixed

It happens if your character height is set to something higher than the standard setting (which is in the middle of the bar during the character creation).

Yeah but even thralls U knock out and break have the same issue. So it leads me to believe it is a visual bug

I see it all the time. It usually lasts until everything is fully rendered, and RAM catches up with the game at first log in. I rarely see it after that.

I can run around with a stretchy skirt, and in a few minutes it just falls into the correct animation.

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Hello @Badboywest665, we’re aware of the issue and our team will look into it as soon as possible.

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