Derkero acolyte skirt

Problem: Bug
Region: private server

Can’t upload screenshot, caz I’m new user, but there is not everything ok with it. Else I can’t add a link, wtf, how can I show graphic bug than :slight_smile:

Is it fixable?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. No steps, I just wearer it.

You are not very clear in your issue…
Should I suppoee you are getting the “dead hair/ clothes physics” bug?
If I guess what is your problem, the derketo’s skirt does not “scroll to the wind in multiple layers” and remain as a unique piece bad rendered, is that the issue?
Changing the middle-default setting for character’s height make ALL your clothes (and hair!) stop, their windy animation “dies” and become a “mono-layer” blocked and irrealistic.

If that is the problem, then you should re-create a new player and you DO NOT alter the character’s height, do not make it taller or smaller… leave him/her as he/she is.

This bug is currently under investigation (since quite a lot honestly), so it will be fixed sooner or later…

Derkito “dancer” stuff doesn’t use right meshes, Its mix of Darfari and Set styles right now. I don’t think it can be gotten outside admin panel right now.

If you can make it, it may not meant to be able to. My t3 and t4 priestess doesnt offer it.

The derketo’s set is available in Derketo’s altar lvl2, obviously you need to be a Derketo’s follower since the start or learn the religion by the “right priestess” in the right spot (not spoiling it)

There are two Derketo sets one from the shrine and a dancer set witch is got in a different way.

The Dancers set works with my thralls. Think you learn it from witch queen

Nope, the derketo’s set you learn from the priestess of derketo, killing witch queen and reading the incision teaches you the lemurian set.

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Thanks I generally do both while in the area until recently did not show what you learned. Side note I can now get on my server and Turan is installed.

Yeah, sometime old resolved bugs reappear…
Crom wants us to suffer!

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