[PC] Derketo Acolyte skirt physics not working

The skirt preview shows the separate tiers of the skirt blowing in the wind, yet on exit of inventory preview, it’s static and clings to the avatar skeleton.

Also, upon wearing certain head pieces, including Derketo’s, the skirt switches to a static view in the preview pane.

Ever find a temp fix to this, or was this acknowledged anywhere else?

Hey all. Yeah I did extensive testing and found clothing/hair physics can break if you change the size of your character from default.

So the temporary workaround would be to either use a mod to change your appearance or to roll a new character and ‘not’ adjust character size. You can still change the breast and endowment size though.

You can find a lot of bug reports on this in the bug section, as well as my test results.

I read that too, and then when i was testing with my server (min height fem character) after i restarted the server and changed the modlist.txt (i was trying to get mods to work, but failed) the physics work now

I did update my nvidia drivers, so that might be it