Cloth Physics and Hair Physics stopped working

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Here]

I noticed today, when i entered “The Den” that my cloth physics stopped working permanently. They became stiff. This might either be related to overcrowded or overpopulated areas or might just be a performance bug where the Physics stopped working for some other reason.

Unequipping and re-equipping armor in the character menue makes all the physics work again but only in the inventory screen.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Settings on Medium /Character Settings on High
  2. Might be related to entering crowded or heavily decorated areas, so try finding those
  3. Enter those areas
  4. Your cloths are now stiff and your hair is hard permanently. (Killing yourself does not fix it)
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This has occurred on my game as well in single player mode PC.

What is strange is that my entertainer thrall’s Lemurian gown still works, whereas if I put another gown on a different dancer it is stiff. It is also stiff on my character as well as other armors.

This began happening it seems right after the latest patch on Friday.

I have just used a mod called “CharEditLite”.
The mod lets you edit your appareance without making a new character

I didn’t really change anything about my character and simply said i was done with character creation and applied the “”“new”"" look to my character. Physics started to work again but only on my character. The thralls were still bugged.
It seems the bug applies on a per character basis as you have mentioned as well.
Simply re-loading or re-creating the modell seems to fix it.


The bug only happens on characters who are not the default height. Non-default-height thralls have the same bug.

Myself and others tested this extensively. You can change the breast and endowment sliders all you want, just not the height.

A workaround would be to edit your appearance via a mod or roll a new character.

Same problem “Stiff Clothes”. Will try the Mirror mod see if that’s a possible fix.

Just reset your height to default.

Thank you! I downloaded the mod and made my character taller and now clothes physics work! :smiley:

Using the mirror mod I set my height to 50% (Default) and my clothing physics are now working properly. Thanks for the tip.

That’s great news. We need to keep getting the word around since it may take a long time for this bug to be properly fixed. Static skirts take a lot of enjoyment out of the game.