Breast Animation Bug

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Breast Animation disappears after wearing clothes, sprinting, or climbing.

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Are clothes turning off to? As off last patch (1.50 and one before) both working for me. breast physics rarely turns off for me in SP.

And when clothes do turn off, they turn back on once game catches up. (alot better then it use to)

“climbing” I’ve seen mix results on this, its been a thing for sometime. It doesnt always seem trigger.

Did your partial/nudity setting change at all?

Breast bugs are the absolute worst.



Why I let the girls out…

1.50, they seem be working for me, Clothes turn off from time to time, But have turned on later. (so what ever funcom did helping alot)
Havnt been able reproduce them turning of during climbing in long time sadly.

Must be careful when climbing jagged terrain with out appropriate outfit. preferably Bejeweled. Ps. Mechanics are working fine

Hello @Deanomanz, could you please share additional details, such as the armor being worn and whether you’re able to reproduce the issue consistently or not?

Hi Hugo.
The issue is consistent with changing any kind of clothing or armor, (removing or adding), climbing, or sprinting as I’ve already mentioned above. When creating a new female character at the start of the game, the breast animation works really well, but as soon as you do any of the above mentioned actions, the breast animation stops.
It also starts working again after you die and then respawn, but only until you do any of those things again.
I have to say, though, despite this bug, you guys have done an incredible job of creating a truly captivating and enjoyable game. You have really captured the mood and intensity of the Hyborian kingdoms. Robert. E. howard, (may he rest in peace), would have been proud.


Oh, and it also works again when you first log into the game, until you change gear, climb, sprint …etc…

Thank you for the additional information and kind words, we’ve registered the issue for the team to look into!

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[sarcasm]The team is looking into this since day one, maybe someone should go searching for the team lost somewhere searching the fix of this issue, unless this someone lose himself too searching for the searchers lost in the cave where the team looking into the problem was originally lost in the beginning! [/sarcasm]

As mention in PC thread, It seems to be tied to how game is handling it. (everything in running in general) And when game drop below a set fps.

Its just one of the things getting turned off to save memory. With later 2 patches (1.50) it turns on once game is caught up.

Itlest in all forms of test runs I’ve done. From making arena, spawning tons of stuff, to standing next to alot of thralls to chest with alot of items. When game is hog down, it stays off.

Its been issue since day 1, And alot of it was anything buy default character size. This seem to be fixed.
It still turns off do many of other reasons covered over years.

As much as people hate this response… its been anproved.

Only issue thats been cropping up for me, Is physics, seem to be x2 sometimes, were they jiggle to much, but then later it seems to be minor jiggle.

They DO Indeed turn off still… not as bad or constistant as before.
Before 90% any change of clothes would turn off clothes and hair…
It doesnt happen to often now(as I said before)

If team can look into it, and find more ways to not have it happen…cool.

In general, standing next to alot of stuff etc etc etc other reasons… its gonna turn off on Ps4. =/

Does the bug show up on PS4 in singleplayer only?

I play on the PC and the problem appears in the singleplayer game only. I also noticed that some systems break when the breast animation stops. Still collecting data before reporting the entire bug in the forum on [PC] Updates and Bugs category.

I was able to reproduce the bug on the PC by starting the game on only one processor core.

This bug is mountainous, and must be nipped as soon as possible.


I mostly use the single player campaign, so I can’t confidently talk about whether or not the bug occurs in multiplayer, sorry.

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