Bug with animation of clothes and hair

Game mode: [Enter game mode here: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug | Performance
Server type: PvP
Region: Europe

Good day to all.

I have a problem with animation of clothes and hair on the NPC: on one part of the NPC, it works, on the other part - not. A striking example is in the screenshot: two identical thralls, the clothes and hair of one of them flutter in the wind, the other is static:

Can anyone explain this oddity? Is it present at all or only at me? What does it depend on and is it possible to make the animation work for all NPC?

Thralls are spawned through the admin panel. Moreover, after placing them in default clothes, animation works for almost everyone. But when you try to put on new clothes on them - in part the animation “turns off”. And from that moment on, it is already impossible to make the animation work precisely with these NPCs. Those NPCs for whom animation works can be changed indefinitely without loss of animation, and those whose animation has “broken” times can no longer be restored. Even if you pick up such thralls in inventory (mod “Pickup+”) and place them again, the problem will almost certainly persist: after placement, the animation of this thrall will work, but when you try to change it, it will turn off.

Yes, I had this problem before installing any mods, so the mods have no effect on it.

Process of how the bug can be reproduced:

  1. We spawn a few slaves, place them on any surface.
  2. We dress them in any clothes instead of default ones.
  3. Watch the animation of their clothes and hair.

Hey @F_Constantine

We’re going to send this to our QA to see if they can find the cause for this oddity and see if it’s worth bringing it to the attention of our devs.
Thanks for sharing your findings with us.


Surprising: is this problem really present only for me? Or just no one else pays attention to such “little things” :roll_eyes:?

See it all time on Ps4. 1 thrall will have cardboard clothing, one on other side will be fine, or a few of them will have working hair, and 1 dancer will be not moving.

They all seem be same height, I just assume its loading issue like when player cloths turn off. (even when height isnt adjusted)

Move the thralls out of those two positions, and stand there with your character. When in each spot, take a look at the “full shelter” UI icon. If I had to bet, the position on the left of the image is standing in full shelter. The position on the right of your image is not full shelter (physics engine issue, usually interposing non-full shelter in a base that has some relative adjacency to a door frame, or a door).

You might make the same observations about the ambient sounds in each of those spots. In one, the wind outside will sound subdued, and there might be a little castle chamber echo. In the other, the wind sounds like it’s wooshing and rushing in. Again, it’s whatever is in the programming for the outside versus inside API.

I might be totally off base - but I would be willing to bet 1000 bark that I might be right. :smiley:

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While I do not need 1k bark, I may just bet with you. One potential test would be to take both outside and see if the condition remains.



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Perhaps you are too keen on harvesting the bark and do not notice anything around :smile:.
In this game, it rains indoors and the wind blows in the same way indoors. Here is a screenshot where the same NPCs are inside the building, with 100% shelter. The animation of the clothes of one of them still works continuously, the animation of the other NPC does not work. Exactly the same thing will happen if you place them on the peak blown by all the winds.

Than to compose fairy tales and write so much useless text - you could spend this simple experiment yourself.

Oh yeah! This really works! Changing the character’s growth to 50% really made the animation work!
And how can you find out ALL these heights with which the animation will work?


Yes, of course, I also use this mod!
I mean - what exactly are the values of the growth of the NPS (the whole range of values) allow you to save the animation? You gave several values as an example. And how to find out all the NPS height values with which the animation will work?
For example, if I want to make an NPS about 90% growth - what exactly can I use?

I have much more interesting things to do, and more to the point, it does not bother me. Apologies for offering advice.



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That is, to search empirically :slightly_smiling_face:.
Once again - many thanks for the advice!

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I have the same problem in Single Player mode since not long after the Frozen North came to live back in 2017. So this is not a new bug! It is a very old one! And for me it isn’t just half of my thralls, but my character also has affected by this bug too! I also reported this back on Steam forums before this forum opened. And I think I wasn’t the only one who reported this issue. And it doesn’t got fixed since then! FUNCOM! Please fix it!

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Fine. Understood. I will not attempt to be helpful next time. :slightly_frowning_face:


outstanding investigation. it should be enough for funcom to reproduce. so nice you have such Tools for pc, we console Players are left standing in the rain again ……

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You’re right, rather than offering some experiments that you can invest your time in (since you’re the one bothered by the issue), some of the respondents could have gone and used their own time for the experiments. To find the cause of a minuscule issue they likely don’t care about in the slightest.

But in the same way, rather than posting here you could have done your own experiments and figured it out. The fairy tales you mentioned are legitimate issues that other players have faced before and could have been the cause of your issue. The proper response to their attempt to help would be ‘thanks’, not whatever that nonsense was.

Please do keep it civil.

Physics issues with hairs, and clothing, such as not moving (waving), are mostly coming from altered npc or character size.
This may, or may not happen in a game. Some players can alter size, and never have troubles with it, other will run in it very quick. Same goes if you alter size of your npc with a mod.
I never have run in this issue with unaltered size, but did if i played around when in character creation. Animations mostly doesn’t help with that.

would that be indoors or outdoors? LOL, sorry just poking fun at the bug that lets it rain indoors.

Actually, the exact growth rate of your character or NPC does not matter - it just needs to fit between 40% and 60%, inclusive. Everything that goes beyond these limits leads to the failure of the animation.
At least I did a lot of experiments over these few days, changed the growth of a couple of hundreds of my thralls - and with their growth between 40% and 60%, all of them are now working with animation.
In any case, thanks again for the tip!

Well, yes: the game generates NPS of ALL possible growth values, and some of them, of course, with non-working animations. Developers, pay attention to this.

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Thanks for trying, of course :slightly_smiling_face:. But you were not helpful :wink:. Why be offended right away when they tell you that you are wrong?
And you really did not notice that in this game it is raining and the wind is blowing in any room :smile:?