Changing PS4 Online ID

So we finally can change our online ID on Ps4. It comes with a warning though that some games may not recognize the new ID.

Has anyone tried this yet and did it have an adverse affect on your Conan progress?

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I’ve been waiting let you know tonight when.i get.home


i want to be [Fiber Bedroll] across all platforms :wink:

Also interested to know this. Let us know as soon as you change if there are any issues.

I personally would advise against doing it, not just for what it might do in Conan Exiles, but a host of other potential risks the change would pose as well, such as;

  • Loss of purchased content (meaning if you bought any DLC for Conan Exiles, you might lose it)
  • Loss of saved data and other such progress such as leaderboard standings
  • Loss of trophies

I’ve done it and zero issues with Conan Exiles.
All DLC and Data fully intact.

Conan was one of the first games to have the change accounted for, anything older than it and you may find issues.

Potentially unrelated but my friend was having some minor issues with his Spotify, will update if it persists or if I find any issues myself.

EDIT FOLLOW-UP: The Spotify issues were unrelated and since been resolved.

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