I purchased a Conan Exiles Day One Edition for PS4


I purchased a Conan Exiles Day One Edition for PS4 recently.

It comes with a bonus code yet when I put it into the redeem codes.

It says invalid which can’t be true since this game I bought is new and wrapped.

Can I have help with this problem?

What is the code’s expiry date? There is a chance the code has expired as all PSN codes have expiry dates. Also, what is your PSN account region and where did you buy the game from?

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I’m looking for an expiration date and do not see it.

My Region is North America.

It is from Europe, Specifically the UK.

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There is why it won’t work, you will need a UK PSN account to redeem the code, as the code is only valid for accounts in that region, there are tutorials online regarding how to create accounts for other regions.

Ah Ok.
Thank you.

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I’ll point out other topic on this to,

You’ll need Euro (UK) account if you want any DLC to work with Pegi18 rated game. NA PSn stuff wont work on it.

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It’s only a sword and some armour which is very average at best anyway. I would t be jumping through too many hoops to get it.

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The expiration date for the code is 2099. I just thought that was funny…and creepy.

The sword is great for when you’re just starting out, although I’ve long replaced it with a hammer. There is a star metal version you can get, haven’t obtained that yet though. I don’t know about the armor. Never got it. I think it was for digi users only, while disc people get the sword. (dinnae quote me plz)

NA Digital Gave Armor, NA disc got sword. (other edtions may vary)

EU Disc came with code that gave Sword and Armor. Not sure about EU digital.

I still need rebuy my 2 dlc’s on eu store. =/
wish they werent region locked.

Not 100% true, the armour was pre-order only, and the sword was only with the day one and collector’s editions, but, there was an error with some codes that were meant to give the armour giving the sword instead or vice versa, so anyone in the PAL regions were given the other item if they redeemed one of the items as a sort of compensation.

Yes, I am annoyed when people refer to it as EU, as PAL applies to more than Europe, it also covers Australia, New Zealand and South Africa just to name a few other regions.

I just got Eu Disc few weeks back, code gave both sword and armor =/

Australia must’ve gotten screwed over then, because the day one edition here only gives the sword, same with the collector’s edition, I had to pre-order to get the armour.

Thou I can also point out, The piece of paper with code only mentions the sword, has no exp date of any kind.

DLC - 1025015dlukv <-(Download Uk Version)

I double checked playing my NA digital 1st and base game disc to see if any dlc carried over, Had nothing in pegi 18 version, till I put code in. Which gave sword and armor.

Anyway, like always. If someone needs sword and armor. I can hop to your server and make them. (there all character crafted)

Nope, I bought day one Conan Exiles (physical copy) for the atlantean sword but it was bugged (weird isn’t int? ^^) and I got an armor set instead. I (we?) finally managed to get that sword only a month later… they left the “extra armor” as a gift.

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