PEGI18 Version disc. PS4 US account DLC?

My wife and I have the PEGI18 Version on disc. But we have US PS4 accounts. How does that work with buying DLCs?

You need to make a Euro Account (UK) and then buy PSN cards (UK) (Playasia is still around) Not sure about newer places)

The installs for NA and PAL are separate. =/ As are DLC. (@Jens_Erik confirmed this in PM to me)

I switched from NA Digital copy (owned 2 of dlc’s) to Pegi18 Copy last week or so.
It has its own separate Install and saves, and non of dlc carried over. =/

However, the dlc is shared to those on that Ps4. So Conan swords and armor dlc that came with my disc. I had input the code into my UK account for it to work thou.

But I play from my NA accounts(I have 2), and the Sword and Armors show up on both. =D

I just havnt had urge to rebuy my 2 dlc’s…

Check out Youtube, several good videos that give you Post Code and what regions to click on for a UK account.
(UK has abit better pricing, then some regions like Germany from US to other currencies)

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Thank you! Just what i needed to know!

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