Changing the rules for land claim

So, how about some static guidelines in regards to building rather than “it shouldn’t cause slowdowns” as that’s a bit subjective. Make it clear what’s expected… or maybe take a little time and implement in code what you’d like to see?

The current hazy guidelines are being weaponized daily by players as an alternative to actually playing the game.

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The unfortunate thing about pitching ideas and trying to come up with solutions is we never seem to get any feedback or information from funcom.

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Really? Who warned him? Who asked him? How did they approach him? Was it in game chat, or via e-mail, or Discord? How did he know it was someone legitimate and not just someone pranking him or lying to him?

Not too long ago, this was a good summation of their stance regarding building. I.e. any building that “spoiled” a new player in game experience was bad.

It is interesting to see the exact opposite argument being used to justify blocking POIs.

Because, reasons.

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I don’t use alternate accounts, not because of any moralistic reason, I am just too cheap and lazy.

And while I understand the concept, I cannot fathom the draw. This is preference, not judgement.

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Via email. He made it public because he was disappointed he had to remove part of his castle.
I’m banned at the moment so I can’t get the answers for the other questions at the moment.

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That’s very interesting, because Funcom literally doesn’t have our e-mail addresses tied to our Funcom accounts. There are missing pieces in this story, and I would love to know more about them.

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It’s the only way to continue playing. They are free on console.

If he made it public, redac the personal info and put it in this thread please, we are all eager to see it.
If it was just I heard, she heard, he heard, that is called



  1. information received from other people that one cannot adequately substantiate; rumor.

Go to 1530 and ask around.


Don’t take this wrong, but you’re the one who’s claiming that Funcom somehow proactively contacted a player to warn them about breaking the rules. Sure, I’m curious and interested in knowing more, but I’m not going to run around chasing down every unverified claim someone decides to post here. :man_shrugging:


Heh. And I’m banned so I can’t give more detailed info as Id have to ask the guy.

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My assumption is that you mean that it is the only way to continue playing on public servers if you get a ban.

If this is not accurate, let me know.

My solution was different, move to a private server and ignore the public server environment. But, that is my solution, not the solution.


I know that’s why I brought it up. I only play official myself but am solo. I have two accounts myself. Was just trying to say that if there was ORP it’d probably end up people hiding offline with their farming accounts and roaming around in raid hours with their war accounts fighting each other. I could be wrong though, we won’t know unless ORP happens.


Why not, just out of curiosity?

Is it ok to block 2 normal Tiger spawns? My base is in g8 and im blocking 2 tiger spawn i hope this is ok because on every nice place there are spawns of animals.

Yes, it is very interesting that you know people are talking about you when they don’t even say your name in the topic. And when topics get locked and you’re having a conversation with someone, how else are they going to reply to you other than private message? I’m not the one that feels the need to tear down every topic and get arguments started. Been around long enough to see the damage you can do with keyboards.:thinking:

I mean, you’re on the form all the time more than the game. So what do you mean You don’t have time to chase down claims? You’re always picking on somebody in a thread, man.

Not to mention a cave that wraps around so a base placed in there wouldn’t be detected on casual observation :wink:

That is the question that is still on everyone’s mind. Do they ban on these “lesser” spawn zones? We know the 3skulls are to be left alone and I imagine the baby animal spawn sites as well (IE that tiger cub spot just north of Pride Rock in the Savannah.)

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Had to close this thread as I’ve noticed quite a bit of misinformation when it comes to our official server rules and how the team investigates these reports.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to our team over on Zendesk.

Also you can always check out our official server rules and land claim abuse posts here on the forums.

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