Changing The Value Of BuildingDamageMultiplier Does Not Affect Doors, Gates or Hatches

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: North America

On my private server that I rent from g-portal, I have updated the ServerSettings.ini so that the value of the BuildingDamageMultiplier is 0.2, 20% of the normal value of 1. When I play on that server, I have confirmed that foundations, walls, door frames, hatch frames, pillars and roof caps all are affected by the value of this setting as I would expect.

Doors, gates and hatches are not affected as expected. They appear to still be taking the amount of damage from various sources that I would expect. Basically, it only take three bombs to get through a door even though it takes nearly 70 to get through a wall.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Rent a server from g-portal
  2. Update the value of ServerSettings.ini to something less than 1 (I chose 0.2)
  3. Create a character on the rented server
  4. Place some building pieces such that you have a door, a gate and a hatch.
  5. Craft and place a bomb next to the each door, gate and hatch.
  6. Detonate said bombs
  7. Craft and equip a repair hammer
  8. Use the repair hammer to check building piece hit point values.
  9. The door, gate and hatch have all taken about 8K damage, which is inline with the amount they take when BuildingDamageMultiplier has a value of 1
  10. All the other building pieces will have taken significantly less damage, which is the expected behavior.

Hey @helium3

Thanks for the observation. We’ve relayed it to our team so they can give it a look.

Having different multipliers for doors/hatches/gates and all else would be an interesting way to offer a solution to one of those Shad Brooks requests, the bug could be a partial implementation of a feature?

If there’s a separate value for doors, hatches and gates, that would be great. Now I would just need to know what it is.

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