Character dies unconscious for bleeding and the body is gone

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP & PvE
Region: Latin America

I detected a mistake when you leave a character with bleeding unconscious and he dies unconscious for bleeding. Soon after dying the body enters into the earth and does not arise back on the surface, then the loot is lost.


  1. Cause bleeding in the character.
  2. Leave him unconscious.
  3. Wait for him to die from the bleeding.
  4. Watch the body enter the ground screaming for the pain of dying … xD (a bit dramatic, but it’s all true)

Currently all corpses have a high probability of sinking into the ground. It’s a known bug. Sometimes running out of rendering distance and back to where the npc was killed will cause the body to be rendered properly.
But faster than that is to use a religious tool and randomly smash the ground around where the body was and by chance you’ll hit it and harvest it … hit long enough and you destroy the corpse and the loot bag will pop onto your screen.

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