Character fell through the ground, cant get out

Server pve-c, Official #2733. I walked up to the hole that’s atop “the archives” in the exiled lands map. I walked away from the hole, and i fell through the map, now my character is stuck between the roof of “the archives” and the ceiling of the sand above. There’s no way to climb out. I have quite a few epic/legendary items that I’d really like to keep, is there any way to get my character moved to a spot back inside the map?
Also experiencing a bug where after removing the “shell” of a meteorite, I’ll mine the meteorite until it disappears using steel tools, but receive 0 star metal ore. Has happened multiple times now on multiple days. Same server

Is there any way to get mycharacter moved back into the map or am i out of luck?

It’s not a bug. After the last patch you have to use Hardened steel pick or better to get star metal (Acheronian pick isn’t good for it, just another inconsistency).

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