Character movement during lag spikes and disconnections

Game mode: Online
Problem: Performance
Region: ALL

Whenever the connection to the server lags, whatever action you were doing when the connection was lost, your character continues until you either reconnect, or die. I would honestly say, and I’m sure just about every single individual player of this game would agree it is the absolute most common and frustrating bug in this entire game. It is the biggest advasary, enemy, and troll of anyone that ever walks toward an elevator or near a cliff. I have, and many i talk to, have died countless times from walking forward when a lag spike hits (about every 5-10 minutes), or getting dashboard when the game crashes (about 2-3 times a day).

To fix this is very simple… if the server doesn’t actively receive a controller command to walk forward, stop walking forward… can anyone on the dev team answer why that would be a problem? Would that not be a good temporary fix the biggest bug in your game? People dying to server lag

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Walk forward as connection stutters and screen freezes
  2. Come to like a blacked out drunk teen while falling to your death.
  3. Chain crash as your gear is lost
  4. Rage quit

I have my base at a cliff side and have been killed several times by this. Lag spikes which launch you forward off the cliff or into the jaws of a predator you were trying to avoid.

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