Character name twice on the same official server (two different players)

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: EU
Mods?: No
Edition: Steam

Bug Description:

i Play on this Server since start of the year 2021. Today i noticed that there is a new player (just lvl 30) with the same character name like my character has.
Now there are two same names in the chat and it is really confusing and annoying.
Furthermore i have the fear that this guy will make things which are worth a report and this will fall back to me.

Steps to Reproduce:

Check the server logs of official pve conflict server 1035. There are two characters with name “Belit” one is lvl 60 and “old” and one is lvl 30+ and “new”

See this in many servers before.But when report somebody-must give clan name too

Belit (lvl 60) = Clan “Noobs at Work”
Belit (lvl 32 currently) = No Clan currently

Yes,i know.Play on this server.Probably you get banned first because of yours gigantic building on all servers.

You can be differentiated by your Funcom handle formerly called your steam handle, which is attached to your character.

Choosing an established and well known character name such as Belit queen of the black coast or Red Sonja is never a good idea.

Stick to original names, or use a name generator for pete sake.

calm down please, i just reported a bug in my opinion…

Sorry I am calm, didn’t mean to sound otherwise.
But it’s not a bug, it is because characters are identified more by Steam names or 'Funcom ID’s"

You still shouldn’t use known characters from the lore.

Not a bug, I think the other player has just transfer to your server.

With transfer you keep your character and name, so now this can happen!

i understand …so if this is not a bug im ok with it.

You can create character on server if name is used by someone.No need to transfer

Not really a bug. And your ID in database is probably just numbers. The displayed names are just that, displayed. Most databases creat a table. Numerical ids that count up as a new one is created.

IE, you could technically have name and clan, recreate character and use the same ones. The database sees it different because of this


Thank you for your report. However, it isn’t a bug. Characters can have the same display name but, each has a unique FuncomID. And upon investigation, our team is able to determine who exactly is the culprit.

Please make sure to submit a ticket if this causes any other issues for you.

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