Server DB and player ID

Game mode: [Online | ]
Problem: [Bug ish. ]
Region: [UK / Private dedicated server.]

Hi guys.
The original bug has already been resolved by Funcom but it did have some fallout on our server.

There was a bug a while ago in the generation of player IDs.
It used to be STEAMID and then changed to something like USER_MACHINE_STEAMID and then I think it changed back. So characters created and played with a different player ID were lost, and some people were asked to recreate their character (this was a ringtingler when I thought our characters were lost in the update)

I found these in the gameDB and reassigned them to the player who owns them, but I’m not sure there is any support for two characters owned by the same steam account on a server?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play and/or create characters during a patch that changes the way player IDs are generated.
  2. OR, use a hex editor to modify a player ID to simulate the effect.

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