Log in Issues with spontaneous change in user from same PC

Bit of an odd issue to explain.
I’ve been having issues logging into my own dedicated server and the single player coop mode. Often what will happen is I will log in again after having played previously on the server earlier that day and be faced with making a new character. After making a new character I can admin teleport to my base and find my original character unconscious on the ground.
After watching the server window it seems sometimes i log in as my steam user “Bonejangles” or as the name of the PC i am using.
I’m thinking this is some inconsistency in the server running independent to steam, the whole “-nosteam” thing you need for hosting a server on the same machine as you are playing on. Not sure how this is happening in singleplayer but hey.
If anyone has had similar issues or has some advice that would be most appreciated.

i had the same issue as I was hosting a dedicated server on the same machine, even with the -nosteam
it’s a bit ugly yes, it looks like it sometimes recognizes you as steam users and sometimes it does not(it may has todo with you connecting over lan or via loopback)

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