Questions about the database

I am currently working on a way to identify players and their characters from the database.
We’re using the MultiChar mod, so a player can have multiple characters.

Anyway, I know I can find an ID from the account table, and match it up with characters.
However, the value in the account table, is nonsensical, at least as first glance. Something along the lines of: 2898AB37A638D58F. (This is not an actual ID, or if it is, it is by pure circumstance).

Is there anyway I can lookup the funcom ID (somename#numeric) from that value? Or even better, the Steam ID?

From my own research for a tool I’m developing, Funcom Live Services use Microsoft’s Azure PlayFab. The game client itself uses the PlayFab Client service API to get the info it needs.

You should be able to get the information you’re looking for by issuing a GetAccountInfo request. Of course, you have to be authenticated to do that, which means that you’ll need to login via your own Steam account (by issuing a LoginWithSteam request).

Bear in mind, I haven’t tested this yet. Specifically, I don’t know whether FLS will let you request info for someone else’s account or not. I might take some time later to test this, but I hope this post will help you get started at least.

Oh cool. I’ll look into that. Thanks!

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