How to find Funcom ID?

Just curious if anyone knows another way of locating one’s Funcom ID (I mean the multi-digit number such as 3DC156B3A5A562C1, not JoeMac#00765 as displayed in the in-game Player List) apart from Pippi’s /whoami chat command?

I checked in an unmodded server using the vanilla chat command /whoami, but it doesn’t display this number.

For reference, Pippi’s return from using /whoami reads something like:

Account Name: JoeMac#00765 (<–The ‘Funcom ID’ as displayed in the Player List, not what I need)
Account ID: 7656119xxxxxxxx (<–Steam ID)
Funcom ID: 3DC156B3A5A562C1 (<–The illusive number I need!)
Character UID: 95

I’m not sure where to obtain the Funcom ID number you are asking for. However, if you are needing it to make a report to the Zendesk, the Funcom ID shown in the Player List is fine (JoeMac#00765). Best of luck to you.


Thank you for reaching out to us. Please submit a ticket on Zendesk under “FuncomID change” with the description of what you need.

We hope you find the information you seek! Have a great day!