Character seems stuck in crouch without the visual. (cant climb, jump, walk through doors, or walk off cliffs)

Game mode: online
Problem: bug
Region: north america

Hello my character seems to be stuck in some weird crouch mode.

the issue persists when i leave and rejoin the server.
also it persists when i restart the conan exiles application.

i am currently stuck in the mode as of the time of this post.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

1.i was crouching hanging of cliffs(different angles of terrain).
2.crouching lets you stay on a cliff and not walk off.
3.i cant reproduce because i am currently stuck in this “mode”.

Have you tested to see if you can replicate this in single-player? It does sound like it’s part bug, part server-side issue though, my guess is there was lag just as you got to a cliff edge and the lag made it unclear to the server whether you were falling or still crouched.

Also, have you tried removing the bracelet to see if that fixes the issue?

Try changing camera mode or roll or using emote. Same thing happened to me last night.

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