Character constantly frozen when loading in?

I’ve been playing Conan Exiles regularly for the last couple of months and I love the game but I keep experiencing this frozen character issue when loading in each time?

I often have to restart the game up to 8-10 times until it eventually clears that said it doesn’t do it every single time. But last night and today it has been terrible.

I can’t jump or move further than a metre in game and my character stays frozen even if I log out and in or restart the game up to 10 times, until it eventually figures itself out?

It is very frustrating and at times I have wanted to just say enough is enough but I decided to reach out and make a point to bring this to your attention.

It makes it worse that I stream so have to also keep restarting my stream multiple times so not to diminish the quality of the video.

Would love to hear a solution or know if there will be a fix?

All that said if you aren’t aware there is also an issue with what we call, the bandage bug, with healing wraps which also affects aloe extract potions. They become un-movable and un-usable at times resulting in the need to exit and restart the game.



Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your report. Would you be able to record a video of what you see in-game when you log in?

If you are playing on Single player, please also share your saved file so we can have a better look. You can find it by following:

Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved

It should be “game” for Exiled Lands or “dlc_siptah” for an Isle of Siptah match.

Please feel free to reach out in private via a direct message if you prefer.

We await your reply.

Two cents.

  • Die via the bracelet (Respawn) will (in my case) 100% fix the rubberbanding ( frozen /few meters)
    (Die/respawn) and pick up the character with “take all”

-Try waiting it out.(for me it can be up to ten minutes)

Im suffering from game-breaking lag and rubberbanding (Few meters) @ logon like since forever. (years)
As info perhaps- my loading usually is(will take about 10 mins to load all/switch to current wheather etc.
I sometimes can run the map for (timespan differs)10 mins, for suddenly the enviroment like wheater and grass etc will load.

In that time i can enter bases and rubberband around, as no placables (doors)are loaded.

For instance i can walk around in bases as doors are not loaded. - Cannot interact though.
Only thing possible is - open a pet, and set its stance.

*Summary: *
@Login: no / a few placables around,
character is stuck in rubberbanding in a few meters- will never get out of that, unless respawn.(die)
After respawn usually some placables load, but its random.

Note - it can take up to ten minutens before the game runs as to be expected.

I tried all. Nothing works.

Just saying for some (more) perspective ( perhaps).
Server is EU and 300 km away (#1041) - But its on all officials for like always.
Im in the game since 2017 the lagging/loading started like 2 years ago.

Not a big deal but time wasting.

Note(!) windows 7x64 ( runs the game perfect in ultra so thats fine, all other steam etc games run oke)
Dedicated system@ 1gb fiber.

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