Server lag? Character stuck in loops

Hi there, I just started playing Conan Exiles for the first time on a non-official server (I don’t know the owner) Everything was going fine until recently. All of a sudden whenever we are at a base we’ve built (any of them, even if pretty basic), our playing character is getting stuck and cannot move more than a few steps without being bounced back. It’s made the game unplayable. I guess this might be an issue on the host’s server but how can I contact them? Both myself and my brother are experiencing the same problem and we’re not in the same country. We’re playing PvE, he’s on a standard PS4 and I have a pro. Any ideas? I have a short video of the issue I can share.

Update: Spent money on our own server only now to encounter the freezing play issue that everyone is encountering since the latest patch (which didn’t even address many of the issues players seem to have been experiencing for years). I do not understand how this game is not being withdrawn from sale, it’s disgraceful.

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Welcome to the forum. When exactly does this happen? Is it as soon as you load the game?
Also do you know the name of the server?


Are you a funcom employee??? LMAO! OMG!
Everybody on last gen knows what he is talking about. You permanent walk against invisible obstacles. Basically you have to walk around it like a pacman, that solves this problem.
A problem “your company” knows about very good. But there is no reaction from them. Their 4week holidays are basically ended since 4weeks (lol), but they arent able to give consoleros a little hotfix. They just work on another game, dlc etc., and start answering when they need our money, money, money…

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Actually @LordKAA is one of those people that participates in helping others on the Forum not a staff member of Funcom. Although he may have purchased the company secretly. Lol :laughing:


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