Character Transfer Issues

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug with Character Transfer
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: Oceania
Hardware: Xbox Series X

Bug Description:

My partner successfully exported his character from the Official server #7133 PvE Conflict in Oceania and when he has tried to import it to a different server it keeps giving him several different errors or not displaying his character name and level and only shows level 0. His character was a level 25 and he doesnt want to lose all his work or stuff in his inventory.
I really hope that there is a way to fix this so he doesnt loose everything.

Can someone please tag anyone who might be able to help with this issue as I am a new user of this forum and cant tag anyone yet

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Hello @MissPanda, welcome to the forums!

You’ll need to submit a ticket at → Zendesk, Click me! ←
Report your problem by selecting “character transfer issues” from the drop down menu and providing your ID/platform so they can help you further.

At the risk of seeming rude: level 25 does not take long to achieve and it may be a day or two before your ticket will be resolved. It may be faster to start a new character.

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