Character Transfer Not working

Character transfers are disabled on official servers still. I think they forgot to Enable it on them after changing the cooldown timer

@MrMaxInAMillion if you are still seeing this error message, please feel free to get back to us and let us know.

The team is currently looking into this.


The cooldown has been changed back to 3 days yes but I just uploaded my character from one official server and its not possible to import to any other official server.

I assume that per patch notes all servers have been set to FALSE for transfers and this has not been changed to True on officials yet.

It still is happening
(official to official)


I was finally finished with my 30 day timer today and I’m still not able to transfer back to my home server. Official Pvp siptah to official pvp exiled lands.

May be you need to wait tomorrow after the servers restart.

Should have just stayed on my home server.

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It is better to wait fews days before to transfer again.

Let the others test and find the bugs :slight_smile:

I just attempted to transfer a character. It let me start the transfer process but it isn’t letting me transfer to the server I want. I am coming from a pvp server in exiled lands and trying to transfer to a pve-c server on siptah. The account has siptah but it says character transfer isn’t available on that server. Any idea why? My post was moved to here, seems like it is a known issue so I will wait it out. My stupid long timer just finished today too, not sure if that is good or bad timing :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m having the same issue attempting to transfer to EU official PvP servers. Like the screenshots above, import button is greyed out and upon clicking I get the message “Character Transfer is not allowed on this server”

I wish I had read this before doing my transfer. Now Im stuck in the void. Attempted transfer from siptah official to exiles official both pve. I got the same message transfers not allowed on this server

Thank you all for helping us with this investigation.

The team is still looking into this error message. As soon as we know more we will be updating the thread.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Thanks for letting us know Dana, surely its just a matter of pushing out the transfer flag to server config files to TRUE and restarting servers? Or is there a bigger problem with it?

I’m dying to play the new DLC which I purchased just before uploading to limbo land. :slight_smile:

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Is there an ETA? With my character stuck in the cloud, I would love to know when I can play again…

For me it still urgent to escape my server before raid time, I am wanted :slight_smile:

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Please fix before the week end … :slight_smile:

@Dana, if this is a server configuration issue, would it help if those of us affected submitted an “Official Server Performance” ticket on Zendesk for the servers we play on?

It is working, just test right now :slight_smile:

Official EU PVP PC.

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It’s been fixed.

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