Characters became bald


The prince enjoys a freshly shaven head, armpit and leg


Players from my guilds take a break from the game because of the hair bug :frowning:
Pleace fix it fast


Yeah! And my main char finally got pubes only to lose it all!

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Have the same bug with the female hair. This is an incredible bug, please fix it soon @Funcom


Lol this is the game breaking bug?? :joy:


That is because your custom UI is outdated.


So, almost 2 weeks have passed and there is still no fix coming?
This bug is really annoying.


When the hair bug occurs after every zoning, I remove and quickly put the hat back on. Sometimes, that bugs the equipped gear; and the helmet does not show up as equipped. I have to zone out and back in to fix that…


By Ymirs hairy balls, Funcom is sleeping and let us true fans hang with this bug since 12 days. >.>


Could we please obtain any status on the ETA for at least an attempt to fix it? This is a top-priority bug.


Anyone who pays funcom a subscription is a mug. This bald thing is beyond a joke


It especially looks bad from a new player’s perspective. They chose a hair style and finish the character creation but end up with something different, that makes a game (where you spend time to customize your character) look very bad

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  1. I zone. My hair and horse disappear.
  2. I alight from the horse.
  3. I remove the helmet.
  4. I put it back on. It bugs and is stuck in my inventory.
  5. I zone out. I zone back in.
  6. I remove the helmet.
  7. I put it back on. The luck is on my side.
  8. Now, there is an invisible talisman in my hand. I press SHIFT+R twice to make it appear.
  9. I get back on my horse.

WHY?! Funcom, please explain this not to me but to a new player! PLEASE! What do we have to do to remove those 9+ steps every time we move to a new playground?!

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FC Pleace fix it !


No need to dismount. Just scroll in, and your pony is there.


Hotfix come very very slowly. (female unconquered vanity texture glitch, bald characters, wrong tooltips for medium armor at lower level (Tortage) show in red but in fact wearable.)

I wonder if there is still a dedicated team for development and hotfix for this game, this game looks dead, too bad because I find this game GREAT even 10 years later !


The thing is if they rush this they’ll just break something else. (Which they’ll probably do anyways)


Don’t worry there will be a cold fix eventually that will break something else unrelated. QA fts


And zone out and back in on an invisible horse again? I have to dismount it.


This is what you’re doing wrong. Don’t remove it, switch it with another one, then switch again. :grin:
To make it fast, open the inventory, right click on another helmet, then right click again. :wink: