Facial Hair options & Me

So, this may seem somewhat trivial, but it is bugging me, a month or so ago I tried changing the facial hair for one of my toons…all it kept showing is clean shaven regardless of what I bought, and from which facial hair vendor, I thought it was a bug so I petitioned and a GM replied, I was offline atm, but he gave me the Option I last bought and a refund on what I paid. I thought the case was closed at this point.

Fast forward to this month; Once again I tried to change the Facial hair and once again…it only shows Clean shaven, no facial hair shows at all, so I sent a petition 3 days ago, no one responded, deleted and sent a simpler one today, again nothing. and frankly it is annoying me somewhat, I can’t petition a GM everytime I want to change my character’s appearance, And I can’t just want something and not be able to do it, it vexes me and sort of breaks my immersion or fun…or whatever.

Has anyone faced a similar problem? If so did you manage to solve it without a GM’s interference? I hope I can be helped with this my toon is level 60 atm, which is a bit far ahead for me to Remake, so I hope there’s another way. Thank you

I don’t change facial hair of my characters very often, but I’ve done it a few times anyway, and never had that problem.
What’s annoying me is that sometimes I’ve bought some from the vendors, than when I tried to use them it said that it can’t be applied.

Often my character will show no facial hair on the character select screen, and then have no facial hair when i play ingame for a while, then suddenly it pops up.
Maybe you have to wait for the beard to load

Often? They stopped showing on character selection screen since ages. I don’t even remember anymore when this bug came out… :laughing:

It sucks that such easy to spot bugs got never fixed… ok they might be not game changing but what does it say on the quality of the product since i dont think beards on char screen are hard to fix? Its something about the game both old and new ppl immediatley notice.

They never showed on Character screen as far as I’m concerned, and I made my peace with that long ago, but not showing in game when I actively pay from my already limited Coin-supply to get them bugs me a bit…especially that; No, it doesn’t “load in time” it just never shows up, it’s been weeks now :roll_eyes:

Have you tried buying the “shave option” (costs 5 silver I think) before buying another beard before? I don’t have any male characters so I can’t test it but maybe that solves it? It costs a little bit more but maybe that saves you from paying more money for beards that never appear.

let me guess your toon was khitan? cause i had same problem spent 1g for nothing, whilst with other races never had problems

Tried that b4, yes, still nothing. :anguished:

Yeah, Khitan…I cycled thru perhaps the entire facial hair options at the vendor…but it is adamant about being clean-shaven apparently :roll_eyes:

No, it’s not needed. I changed facial hair several times, without any problem, and I never used the shave option.

But, indeed I never tried to change facial hair on a Khitai character…