Characters became bald

The barber has been busy during the downtime !

Many characters are now bald after today’s patch !
It seems to happen when you use no helmet in the vanity tab.

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Just change your headgear and its fixed


Yes ! !Thanks ! Equipping a hat in the vanity tab seems to fix it. you can remove it later if you want.

i mean the non vanity helmet, made my hair come back

It have been forwarded to the appropriate people.


You can’t fix permanently in the game, it’s something Funcom will have to fix with another patch, I guess.
The following fix the issue, but only temporarely (until the next change of map)
*removing/swapping an helm item in vanity tab
*in/out an in-map location with a loading screen (i.e. reliquary, armory, npc houses, nightmare bubbles)

One of my toons wearing the crown of aquilonia got not bald but shows up in a different hairstyle. If i unequip crown and reequip again old hairstyle. So got the numbering of hairstyles confused?

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I have 10 toons this has happend to, the only one it hasn’t is bald by design.
For me male toons go bald, females get some random different hairstyle.
When logging out & in again it puts them all back to screwed up.
Noticed that the list of toons at the loggin screen also has this wierd effect, apart from the years old missing beards bug.

Bald is beautiful


We are not talking about your RL toon here :joy:


Sooo…all of my toons apperiantly got a makeover, seems some wild freestyle barbers roamed Hyboria…

Un/equipping power helmet helps, but only until the next port/zoning.

I have no idea how you managed to do this with the latest patch Funcom. But this is not only the patch that celebrates Phil Collins hairstyle. All the scholars in Aquilonia suddenly decided to strip as well.


they get ready to have a better tan for the summer !


Feel free, baby. Easy, breezy.

Thanks for the report


Naked scholars is Game of thrones easter egg (unintended but still… :P)


I also noticed that the hide power helmet and/or cloak is stuck to the setting that it was on when the update occurred.

since the last patch, all my characters have lost their hair :frowning:

All my female characters now have the same hairdo.

On one of the other threads on this the Mod acknowledged it and said he’d pass it on for a next patch fix.

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you may have heard The temp fix is too remove your helm, then requip. Ofc when you zone, it’s back to bald or really short. It’s a pain especially when I spent a ton of gilding tokes for one character to get the hair color I wanted. I’m sure it will get fixed sometime

Hair is gross.